Best Way To Cut And Glue Abs Pipe - How To Glue Abs

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in this video we're going to show you

guys the proper way how to cut and glue

abs let's get to it

Carsten and I'm clay and we are the

plumbing gurus thanks for tuning in to

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the Google question of the day you want

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yeah thanks Clayton let us know in the

comments below mine was the Walt what

was yours plate actually I think it was

master craft and I absolutely hated the

drill okay

Oh quite fortunately you got one of

those duel pits with us from Wade yeah

yeah I thought it was good the master

and then I brought it out where my

friendship and yeah alright guys so like

we say in this video we're gonna be

teaching you how to cut and glue ABS I'm

just going to quickly show you the some

of the tools that we'll use every day I

personally use a sawzall so it's Clayton

but we're not going to show you how to

do that because we don't want you

cutting your fingers off so in this case

the first one that you usually use to

cut a yes it's a hacksaw then to glue it

you got some ABS glue we we make sure

that we don't fill it full especially

we're to do like finishing if you're

installing like a kitchen sink or doing

something with that's finishing and not

in a dirty rough end stage if you happen

to spill your glue pot you don't want it

pouring on your finished floor or your

counter inside whatever so just don't

put too much glue in there and always

always close the live duct tape measure

we're gonna have a coupling and a piece

of pipe just to show you how to glue

we're gonna cut it to nice short piece

because sometimes you only have short

pieces we'll teach you how to stabilize

it properly and get a nice straight

clean cut and then clean

purrs after it's a paper towel to clean

to join something looks nice

good oh this little guy this is the

cleanest way to do it there's actually

another one here I'd like to show you

two there's two so there's this one get

the racket cut one of my favorites for

finishing perfectly clean cut then this

one was like the old school when I used

to use all the time for finishing it

does nice and then we'll we'll show you

how to do that with people now the

reason why we recommend a hacksaw is

because a hacksaw is a fraction of the

price of the ratchet cutter yeah so this

is also a multi-tool can be used for

lots of different things we don't only

use it for ABS as other things like we

cut metal with it or whatever other

things you need to cut it these are

pretty particular and they're very

expensive I think they're like 160 bucks

or something like that so not exactly

the most practical for a homeowner tech

person but if you are a guru or a actual

apprentice or a plumber this is a very

good tool to have same thing with this

this can also there's another plate here

gonna EBS bleed and then a copper plate

so this is like a two and one type of

thing - tape measure good for everything

all right guys so before you actually

start cutting with your hacksaw one of

the most important things that I find a

lot of people don't do is have a big

blade facing the right way

so you've teeth you want them facing

forward away from you so that when you

do cut you get a more more strong cut

with the push and then when you're

pulling back it's just kind of gliding

back and then when you push them forward

it's actually making the cut so that's

how you want to make sure you put your

blade on teeth facing forward okay so

now we're gonna get into the do's and

the don'ts of how to cut the ABS pipe

for the hacks off so some of the don'ts

first things first you want to make sure

your fingers are out of harm's way you

don't want to cut your fingers off so

keep them kind of tight like that

another big dome is kind

here really hard to cut like this I

watch a lot of people kind of cutting

like this or whatever and there's no

snow stability it's not strong it's not

the best way to do it so what we like to

do is make sure it's super close to the

body sometimes depends on the situation

but I usually grab the pipe and I'll put

it between my legs so I'll put it

between my legs and then my hand will be

tight to here and now I have a strong

grip so then I can actually start

reading so then when you're pushing you

don't go superfast you want to just kind

of like play through the works not bad

I've seen better but it's still good so

then after that you've missed a little

very clean done all right guys so we

just showed you how to do it standing up

it's the safest way to do it if you're

not super comfortable doing it this way

I don't recommend doing it but if you

feel like you have confidence and you've

cut lots of play this is how I do it

when I'm working on like a kitchen sink

and I have the Olmec tools around me I

just grab things like cut we only bring

in short pieces of pipe into the house

we don't bring in long one so it's it's

a little bit harder to cut short ones

but you know when you've been doing it

for a long time this is kind of like

just the way we do to speed things up to

make the job go submitted so what I do

have a short piece and I just need like

a short piece under a kitchen sink like

a 3-inch piece

I'll put it solid on my leg get my hand

not too too close to the blade within

maybe let's just say an inch or so and

then all I'll just start it


and what you're probably thinking is

he's gonna cut his leg off kind of

partially way through and the more you

push down on it when it's cut like this

you're gonna bind and it's gonna be hard

to cut so now what I'm kind of most of

the way through I'm gonna lift it off my

my other leg and just finished a little

more and the beauty particle abs is it

braves super simple that's the way to do

it when you're sitting down soon how's

it get up get down get up get down to

cut piece of play

I guess you're not comfortable with

doing it this way I do recommend just

standing up it feels more comfortable

for you okay so we're gonna quickly show

you how to use these two special big

tools what everybody's gonna have of the

curve they're awesome for us to use so

first thing I'll show you actually is

how do to to measure and get ready to

cut a piece of pipe

I say you're under this thing and you're

measuring a piece and you're like oh I

need four inches of plate take a tape

measure put you there I use my thumb so

instead of marking it a lot of people

will take a pencil or a marker or

whatever it is they'll mark it this is

just quicker everything is about

efficiency for us so this is how we do

it so I'll put my thumb there mark it on

the floor tell my mark so I'll start

with the round pipe cutter so you open

it up so if it's like that you just

press the button drop it this is

supposed to have a spring but it doesn't

so then all I'll line up my my blade

with my thumb my mark just ever so don't

reef on this that's how you end up

tracking and running off the the pipe

and I'll explain that a little bit more

also it's if you go too tight you start

breaking plates so just kind of tighten

it a little bit and then I'll just do

like kind of one revolution of a loose

loosely tighten revolution and then I'm

not sure if you can see it but there's a

there's a line there you want to make

sure that it's actually all the way

around before you start tightening and


too hard because it sometimes they run

off and then you have to restart from

the beginning so now I'll give it a bit

of a crank tighten this a bit do a

couple turns tighten it again a couple

turns tighten it again kind of just do

that and tell you it comes off so next

one is this guy probably one of my

favorite tools the ratchet super easy so

again I'll just I need my four inch

piece of pipe mark and minuter grab this

nice and slowly so you don't cut your

thumb off get it to where your mark is

pinch it and in this case that's it

definitely my favorite tool not exactly

the most practical for a do-it-yourself

type of person but if you are an

apprentice plumber or a journeyman

plumber if you're in the trade these are

really nice to have okay so one thing I

actually forgot to mention about those

goes the ratchet tool and the pipe

cutter is it leaves a doesn't leave

first so right here you can see I'm not

shaving see in the camera but it's a

nice clean cut so for us having less of

a mess to clean up is very important so

when we cut it with a ratchet cutter or

a wheel cutter we don't have a bunch of

birds falling on the clip on the floor

for us to vacuum up or sweep up or

whatever it's just it just time

efficiency for us so we're gonna get

into gluing this plate down and then

open up my my blue pot get it ready what

I do is I

it's a way to do it I'm left-handed so

I'll put the glue on this side I like to

make sure there's not like if you have

too much dripping that's gonna drip on

your floor so what I do is kind of clean

it off kind of like a paint brush just

like that let it and then I'll put it on

my pipe not you don't want to put it

like three inches of glue we're in a

finishing stage you wanted to just have

just enough glue so just do like a kind

of a half inch strip of glue on the edge

of the pipe then I'll grab my fitting

into the inside to the inside make sure

you get it all the way around on the

inside and same thing on the pipe

make sure there's glue evenly around the

whole thing glues cheap leaks are

expensive so then we'll grab the pipe

we'll shove it in we'll give it like a

corner twist then we'll hold it for a

second or two sometimes when you let go

the pipe starts pushing out one thing I

found is that depends on temperature so

it doesn't matter the colder weather

maybe it'll push out or whatever but so

now that now it's nice and stiff from

there put that down for a quick second

in this case the pipes already probably

in the air glued so you don't have to

put it down but then what we do is

usually grab a rag and just clean it off

so that it just looks nice it's not

something you have to do this is just

something we do so that when people look

at our work it looks nice and clean

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