How To Cut Crown Molding For Beginners

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What's up everyone? Welcome back to The Durbin  Compound. If you haven't met me already my name is  

Devin Durbin. So today on the channel we're doing  a short video on how to cut crown molding like  

a pro. I've had multiple friends in the finish  carpentry trade and they've taught me some tips  

and tricks. So today I'm going to share them with  you as I do a bathroom project...redoing a little  

bit of crown molding and kind of updating it. So  I'm going to share them with you today, so stay tuned.

All right guys, first things first with doing crown  molding and doing it correctly, you need to have  

good solid measurements. So I'm going to take you  inside to the bathroom...real world. We're going to go  

in and measure exactly how I do it, so we can have  nice precise fitting when we're done. So let's head on inside. 

All right guys, now we're in the bathroom  here. Now what I want to do is measure from inside corner to inside corner.

Basically this gives  us a crown molding that comes together with an

inside corner. So what we want to do is have a very  accurate measurement here, so that our crown fits  

very tight up in the corner. So a good way to do  this so that you're not trying to push the tape  

measure into the corner and figure out exactly,  you know, what it is, you're kind of

guesstimating. What you want to do is, you  want to pick a spot in the wall where you  

can count an even number. And then you'll measure  from the other side to that mark. So I'll show you  

exactly how I do that here so I'm put my tape up  here I want a mark at let's see I'm right close  

to 50 inches so what I'm going to do is turn my  pin around and I'm gonna make a little mark at  

50 inches so I always usually use a fine tip pen  or a mechanical pencil some people use the the  

carpenters pencils or whatever but I think they  make too big of a mark so now that I've made my  

mark at 50 inches now we're gonna come across  from the other side of the wall and we're going  

to measure out to our our 50 inches so the  measurement is 21 and 5/8 so you add 50 plus