Three Ways to Cut Sheet Metal for any Budget!

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what's going on guys welcome to today's

video hey if you do any kind of metal

work at some point you're gonna have to

cut sheet metal so today I'm gonna show

you three different ways to cut sheet

metal for any skill level and any budget

so for the purposes of this video we're

not talking about this paper thin sheet

metal that's easy to cut you can just

cut that with shears the tools that I'm

going to show you really excel in 16

gauge 10 gauge you know a little bit

thicker stuff which is technically

referred to as plate but it's commonly

referred to as sheet metal so I call it

sheet metal but anyway the tools I'm

about to show you when I talk about

cutting sheet metal we're talking about

cutting anything about 18 gauge to 10

gauge will get the most obvious one out

of the way first

and that is of course the plasma cutter

so plasma cutters are definitely going

to be the most expensive thing on the

list but there's a good reason for it a

plasma cutter is probably the most

versatile machine and that it can slice

through sheet metal really fast and

really easy but you can also cut thick

metal with it too

whereas the other things that I'm going

to show you are pretty limited when it

comes to anything other than sheet metal

plasma cutter can do it all so the way

that a plasma cutter works is actually

pretty cool this machine makes an arc

between the gun and the base metal and

then with compressed air it blows that

metal out of there



so my favorite things about the plasma

cutter is that you can cut an infinite

number of shapes any direction it's

basically just like having a pencil I'm

drawing on the metal anything you want

so in that way the possibilities are

really endless with this machine

but the things that I don't like about

it or that you have to have a supply of

air you know to make it work and some of

these run on 110 but really the good

ones run on 220 so you got to have 220

powers so there's some limitations in

that aspect but if you have those things

available to you these are pretty tough

to beat so the next thing on the list is

an angle grinder and you probably

already have one of these sitting in

your garage or your shop now when you

bought it it more likely came with the

grinder wheel these are like quarter

inch thick and they're great at what

they're meant for but don't try to cut

sheet metal with these I've seen people

do it and it's not free so here you can

see the difference between a cut wheel

that's on the grinder and then the

grinding wheel that's in my hand alright

let's try the grinder



so the biggest advantages to the grinder

is like I said you you might already

have one and beyond that if you don't

have one and you're gonna be doing metal

work you're probably gonna need to buy

one anyway so it's something that you're

already gonna need to buy and if you buy

the cutoff discs for it then you can use

it for cutting sheet metal now the

biggest limitation to the grinder is

that you can really only cut in a

straight line I mean you can get kind of

creative and get some gentle curves with

them but for the most part these are

best in a straight line the other things

that I don't like about it is it's

really loud when you cut sheet metal and

they throw sparks a lot of sparks I've

actually caught my pants on fire a

couple times so you know just make sure

you're standing in the right spot when

you're using this so the third tool on

this list is gonna be a jig saw and this

is something that I don't think most

people think of when they think about

cutting sheet metal but it can be done

let me show you so odds are if you have

a jig saw sitting in the shop you bought

it for cutting wood because that's what

most people get them for that's what

they're designed for so when you bought

your jig saw it most likely had a wood

blade on it with a simple change to a

metal blade like this one you can turn

your jig saw into a sheet metal cutting

machine let's do it

super easy to change let's see how it





so the jigsaw probably my least favorite

tool on the list just because it

vibrates so much when you're using it

but I wanted to include it for a couple

reasons and that is for one that you can

pick these up really cheap like this one

I want to say costs only $35 you can buy

grinders cheap too but what this has

over the grinder is that you can cut

curves and radiuses with this you can

actually cut pretty tight circles with

them not like a plasma cutter but

definitely better than a grinder now if

you're wondering why I didn't include an

oxy acetylene torch on this list the

answer is because I don't like cutting

sheet metal with those the reason being

that they put too much heat in the sheet

metal and just cause it to warp and it

just kind of makes a mess out of it any

one of these three tools it was gonna

cut sheet metal better than an acetylene

torch alright guys so there you have it

there's three different tools you can

use the cut sheet no for any skill level

and any budget thanks for hanging out in

the shop with me this morning and I hope

I'll see you again on farmer Tyler ranch