How To Cut Straight Line With A Circular Saw.

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hey everyone welcome to think woodworks

my name is izzy swan and i'm just doing

a really uh

quick quick quick quick tip quick

tip i'm doing a really quick quick tip

man william flint who's been uh

a subscriber for a very long time here

with thinkwoodworks or

for a good good length of time um just

asked a question on one of my videos

about cutting straight edges with a

cordless saw skill saw i think he means

a cordless one

he says portable i'm not sure if it's

just a regular corded one or whether

it's a cordless one

i'm guessing cordless um

but he's having trouble he wants to cut

out some shelves and you want he wants

to he's having a little trouble getting

a nice straight edge he's using one of

those uh

craig guides i think he's talking about

the ones that actually attach to the saw

if that's the kind you're talking about

mad william

take it off the saw put it in the box

that you're going to sell at the next

garage sale

they don't work very well they're

they're okay for doing uh rough

rough cuts for construction like if

you're putting roofing on or something

i've got this this is an old door i want

to cut a section out of i'm just going

to go ahead and clamp this down to my

my table with some these are those

homemade toggle clamps i designed and

built a while back

i can't really say i designed these

because they're similar to the other


but they work great now

if you're using a cordless saw like this

one here this is a cheap ryobi belongs

to my father-in-law

something that is it's a good thing to

know and always remember

on a lot of brands of saws from the

outside of the bed here to the inside of

the saw blade

let me see or to the i'm sorry to the

outside of the saw blade from here to


is an inch and a half so that's handy

thing to know

so if you're measuring it out and you

want to cut something you're always

going to

i was going to put this side of the

fence the

right side of the fence up against your

straight edge

and i'll tell you why here in a second

is an inch and a half

so that's easy to know if you're using

an inexpensive saw like this you want

there's a couple things you want to

check you want to check

from the bed itself to the blade front

and back to make sure that's lined up in

an inch and a half those two

those two planes are parallel to each

other a lot of times

these things get chucked up under

benches or kicked around and that that

gets out of whack

with these lesser expensive saws another

thing you want to check for

is to see if your bed itself is warped

or twisted and

again that happens a lot and if it has

you're going to either want to try and

straighten it out or

unfortunately if you can't get it right

go get a new saw because it's never

going to track right down a

well don't get a new sod

it's just not going to track right along

a straight edge you can still use it for

other things

so once i've got that set up i know that

i've got an inch and a half between the

outside and the side of the bed

i know that if i want a 14 inch piece i

have to subtract an inch and a half from


and mark it and that's where my straight

edge will go so what i'm going to do

is i'm going to cut a 14 and a half inch

piece and i'm going to mark it

an inch and a half back so it's i marked

it 13 inches

on both sides 13 inches

and then grab a straight edge lots of

different things works for straight

edges as long as it's straight you know

a piece of plywood

mdf uh in my case i use

a four foot level a lot because it

reaches all the way across the four foot

piece of sheep sheet stock of plywood or

whatever you happen to be using at the


throw a couple clamps on both sides

i know a lot of you guys know this

you're probably sitting there yawning


you know for a lot of new people they

don't know this and there are some

tricks to doing this

you know you can't just throw this up

here and make it work

if you try to put the straight edge on

the other side of the blade

a lot of times what's going to happen is

your your saw is going to want to wander

off and this is why

when you have it up against the right

side of the blade and you're pushing on


it tends to put pressure up against

because you're pushing on the outside

it tends to put pressure up against the

straight edge so

you're naturally pushing along this

you're keeping the pressure on that

straight edge and it's going to want to

track nice

if you go the other direction you're

actually pushing away from the straight


and the tape the saw itself is going to

want to kind of canter out

so always cut on the right side of the


and unless you're using a left-handed

saw left-handed in which case

the left-hand side

i suppose it would be helpful if i use

the right marks

this is like my mistake week

okay let's try this again

there you go nice straight edge ripped

with a relatively inexpensive

skill saw

and this trick works with anything you

can do this i mean

you could quite literally do this in

lieu of a table saw

granted that's a lot of work just to

make one cut but it's possible

so another thing i forgot to mention is

to make sure that your blade is nice and

square to the bed not just

whether it's parallel with the bed

itself but anyway thanks for watching

there's just a quick tip from think


lots more fun stuff coming down the pipe

so don't forget to like and subscribe

and uh i'm working on the 50 wood shop

right now i'll have that up later today

or tomorrow

talk to y'all soon