How to Resaw Wood Without a Bandsaw

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hello friends today we've reached the

long piece of wood without using a


stay tuned I'm Christopher the Midwest

man mountain and I believe that

woodworking and gardening are two of the

best ways to be sustainable creative and

achieve a sense of purpose thank you for

watching I have here a piece of maple

that's about 3/4 of an inch thick and

five inches wide what am I going to do

if I don't have a bandsaw and the

maximum cut depth of my table saw is

three inches well let's go find out to

begin with let's cross cut this board to

a more manageable length in my case I'm

going to do eighteen inches

let's take a closer look at this board

from its maximum height and the maximum

plunge depth of the blade we can see

that the board comes in at five and a