Every Way to Cut Cheap Wood (39 Methods)

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hey everybody this is Louis weisz maker and youtuber and this is almost every

way to cut a 2x4 despite the name 2x4 a 2x4 is actually one and a half inches by

three and a half inches we're gonna take these two by fours and cut them across

the grain in as many ways as possible so you can see the process and the end

results to start off let's do one that requires no tools at all the caveman

method definitely the brawn over brains solution this actually worked better

than some of the other stuff we tried no fine woodworking Awards but technically

effective and truthfully a lot of fun hey there we go the okay okay so maybe

the caveman's not for you a person and a curb are actually all you need to cut a

2x4 set up your wood and hop on top to give it a snap easy peasy

lumber squeezy the car that's right today we find out if your whip is

secretly the 2x4 cutting machine you've always dreamt of the answer may be it

would be with a bigger curb but in these conditions no way miter saw yeah it's

time for a proper tool miter saws are frequently used for cutting long

relatively thin stock so using it to cut a 2x4 is a match made in heaven

this one in particular has a nice long bed making it easy to support the wood

while cutting looking at the cut we can see it's nice and straight with very

little splintering and a pretty smooth finish the miter saw is an easy reliable

way to cut a 2x4 table saw the table saw is one of the most versatile tools in

any woodshop but it can also be one of the most dangerous even using a saw stop

like this one it's important to use a guide or a jig when cross cutting like