How to use Circular Saws and make CrossCuts a Tutorial to Making Perfect Straight Cuts

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making cross cuts is fun simple and

you're gonna be doing them all the time

if you're doing any type of DIY or home

improvement projects and things of that

nature so make sure we're doing them the

right way correctly safely and do them

right the first time

all right let's take a quick minute and

go over our soft setup first things

first when you're setting up your saw

you want to make sure number one she's

not plugged in right that'd be very

dangerous so first things first always

make sure you're unplugged while you're

making your saw adjustable okay second

thing is we're gonna make sure we have

the right blade for the project that

we're doing today we're doing--we're

outdoor decking it's what we're doing

with this redwood here and I typically

use about a sixty to eighty tooth blade