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okay so today I'll be showing you the

easiest way to cut the two-by-four wood

so this is what I had bought from Home

Depot and these come in this is 2x3

as you can see right here and they come

in eight foot lengths and what I needed

was ten foot lengths of these and they

dont sell it anymore so what I end up

doing was buying two by fours they come

in 10 foot lengths but I have to have

one piece of this size intentful

in 10 foot so what I end up doing was

I'm cutting this and I did a lot of

research was the best way and this is

something I came up with some of the

ideas combining together from some of

the videos so I thought it was probably

a good idea to share with you guys and

you can see how straight line I'm

cutting this so all I need is this saw

right here and it's very easy to do that

so what I did was I took a sample of

that foot right there the size and what

I end up doing was flipping this channel

lock grip on the machine itself so this

kind of act as a guide as you can see

and this is where my blade is as you can

see right here and I kind of stopped

right here so I can show you how I am

doing it so all I do is just grab this

and kind of use my channel lock and kind

of keep it keep it along the side and

just keep moving on straight in a

straight line and that kind of gave me a

nice and easy and even cut I draw a line

just to see how close I was in its

perfectly straight so once I'm done with

this that's the easiest way I mean I was

trying different stuff you know but the

best part about this method is you don't

need to have a table or any kind of

thing I mean all you need is this wood

and I used the existing the new ones

that I'm going to cut but you

really have to use this at the very

bottom as long as you'd have this you

have enough thickness for the blade to

go through and you just need that on the

two sides and you can set it and if you

have more than this that's better

because the more heights you give it the

better it is but in my case it was just

one was perfect and that's how I got it