Cut Long Tapers on your Table Saw, Quick, Easy & Cheap

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hey newbie Dan here the other day I

wanted to cut tapers and a couple of

two-by-fours to help support sheets of

plywood leaning up against the wall in

my lumber cubby hole

I know there are jigs out there for

cuttin capers and in fact I have John

hisis paper jig and it's great but it's

not long enough to handle 48 inch stock

I could build a longer one but then I'd

have to store it somewhere here's a

quick and easy alternative so the goal

was to cut identical tapers in to 48

inch long two by fours on a table saw

that's about 21 and a half inches so

obviously I want to run my two by fours

across the blade at an angle I went to

my local Home Depot and got this 1 by 6

pine board from the cutoff bin for

around $2 the board will run along the

RIP fence and the 2x4 will be attached

to the board so I cut the board to 48

inches and I laid the 2x4 on it flush

against one edge then I made some marks

at both ends I wanted one end of the 2x4

angled about two inches so I made a mark

two inches in from the first mark then I

attached the 2x4 to the board if you

don't want to damage your stock then

screw it down through the cut off

portion or use some good double-sided

tape they won't let the board come off

by accident I attached some pieces of

scrap wood so I knew where to attach the

second 2x4 so the tapers would be pretty

much identical I set up the fence for

the cut

I had positioned the end of the 2x4

pretty close to the edge of the pine

board but you don't have to do that just

move your fence out further then I ran

it through the blade keeping the pine

board against the fence one taper of 2x4

down one to go

attach the second 2x4 in the same place

using those pieces of scrap wood to help

align it and I cut it the same way I'm

supporting the end with one of these

cheap roller stands from Harbor Freight

and there you go

two identical tapers

could talk more to make this a longer

video but there's really no point

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