Cut Long Tapers on your Table Saw, Quick, Easy & Cheap

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hey newbie Dan here the other day I

wanted to cut tapers and a couple of

two-by-fours to help support sheets of

plywood leaning up against the wall in

my lumber cubby hole

I know there are jigs out there for

cuttin capers and in fact I have John

hisis paper jig and it's great but it's

not long enough to handle 48 inch stock

I could build a longer one but then I'd

have to store it somewhere here's a

quick and easy alternative so the goal

was to cut identical tapers in to 48

inch long two by fours on a table saw

that's about 21 and a half inches so

obviously I want to run my two by fours

across the blade at an angle I went to

my local Home Depot and got this 1 by 6

pine board from the cutoff bin for

around $2 the board will run along the

RIP fence and the 2x4 will be attached