How to Saw Straight with a Handsaw | Paul Sellers

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if I told you that I had had thousands

and thousands of people telling me

through my lifetime when I've told them

I'm a carpenter that I make things out

of wood they say oh I can't saw to a

straight life so often that happens that

I feel like I have to do something about

it so what I'm going to do is show you

how to sort a straight line if you take

a square like this and set the distance

like this or you can use a gauge pull a

line down here oops

like this so it's parallel to the edge

sticking on the wood flip it over and do

the same from the other side because

we're going to cut this stick into two

that's the goal and we want them we want

it to be nice and straight and of course

when you're using the saw they might not

be any guarantees up and it like this of

course you might be doing this on saw