Super Easy Remove Picture Background in MS Word

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for latest videos hey guys welcome back

again oMG in this video I'll show you

how to remove picture background in ms

word yeah you don't need to use any

software you don't need to do any hard

work for this you can do it easily so I

have a picture here on the world of

merit so just select the picture and you

will get the format option here click on

format option then click on a remove

background okay click right so now you

can see the it will color colored with

the magenta now select the area which

you want to or remove the pattern like

this okay

after this click on keep changes and

boom everything is gone so for more

precious you can do one more thing again

click on remove background and this time

select the mark area to remove so for

example here you can see something is

missing so I want to remove this area

and this much also yeah is nice and this

module so yeah

select and then keep changes and boom

that's it look at that so everything is

removed properly so you can do more

accurate by going to format and remove

background and you can select the mark

area to remove and after this select

your area to remove the perfect

background that's it it's very super

easy time for watching guys Katie next

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thank you very much