Cutting Thin Strips on Your Tablesaw - WOOD magazine

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an issue 208 of wood magazine we feature

this little keepsake box that required

us to cut a series of thin strips each

1/16 inch thicker than the previous one

now to safely cut thin strips you need

to take into account a few extra setup

and safety requirements you can't just

drop your table saw at 1/16 inch and

expect to cut those strips safely you'll

get some explosive kickback there I'm

going to show you two methods to safely

rip thin strips in this case just 1/16

of an inch then I'll show you how we

take a stack up sixteenth inch strips

and use them to make the progressively

wider cuts used in our keepsake box

first thing we're going to do is create

a set of sixteenth inch thin strip

gauges and we're going to cut those all

off of this one board and the way we do

that is we set our fence to a known size