How to Cut Heavy Gauge Wire and Other Tough Metal With Little Effort

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hi everybody this is Liam CJ troll now I

want to tell you what you're looking at

today this is a piece of cattle panel

and if you you know anything about

farming this is a real common way to

build fencing

now I happen to be building a gator I

did build a gate with this cattle panel

and it turned to me this is the kind of

material that people need to know how to

cut now what I will say is this I'm

going to turn this around so you can

take a good look at it okay now what we

have here is we have four gauge that

means a pretty thick galvanized steel

and when you're cutting four gauge steel

he need the right tool to do it now what

I will tell you is there's a lot of

people they would be inclined to use an

angle grinder on material like this