6 Ways to Cut Vinyl Plank Flooring | Beginners Guide

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if you're installing vinyl plank flooring for the first time knowing how

to make the right cuts is a key to a successful install

i'm going to show you how to make all the cuts that you'll need to get it

right and the tools that you need to do it

from diy to pro so the product that i'm going to be

using today is a luxury vinyl plank flooring

if you have a peel and stick vinyl flooring you can make all the cuts that

you need using just a razor blade because you can follow the curves

it's very thin material the luxury vinyl plank flooring

has a backer on the back that helps for insulation

and sound proofing and it's quite a bit thicker i have a couple different pieces

here that i'm going to be using today a darker one and a lighter one

they are lifeproof vinyl flooring i will link down below to

the pieces that i've used and i've used these exact ones in a couple installs

that i've done in my own house and also in my

brother-in-law's house so let's go ahead and jump into the cuts and the ones that

i'm going to show you are cutting to length cutting to width

doing notches on corners on sides cutting curves and cutting holes

and that's everything that you're going to need for your successful install

the cut that you're going to be making the most is cutting a plank to length

and that's because at the end of every row you're going to have a little spot