Best Way to Cut Corrugated Sheet Metal or Trapezoidal Roofing | Trumpf N 160 Li-ion Nibbler

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I'm Kenny from pro tool reviews and

today I want to talk about one of the

tools that we use a lot in the field

whenever we're cutting corrugated metal

or metal roofing that kind of stuff

it's the nibbler we're actually using

the Trump true tool n 160 lithium ion

it's a cordless model and what we see a

lot of people doing in the field is

they're using grinders jig saws

reciprocating saws metal cutting saws

even power cutters and a lot of it is

because these tools are now cordless or

in the case of the power cutter you've

got gas and cordless options but the

nibbler is just now starting to go that

direction so we're going to take this

12-volt Trump nibbler and see how it

compares to some of these big 36 volt 18

volt tools and just see if we can do a