How to Cut Thin Metal Precisely - Kevin Caron

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hey Kevin one of the questions I get

asked quite often really is how do I get

a good straight clean cut on a piece of

thin metal

well three tools that I use a lot or by

my foot's here and I've got a place here

for cutting the thicker stuff that the

foots here doesn't necessarily want to

do and I also have a Beverly shear or a

throat list here all of these work great

the most important thing to start out

with though is you have to have a good

line you have to have a good mark to

follow and I just throw a square up on

there and grab a scribe instead of a

pencil or a magic marker or soapstone or

something like that

because I want that nice razor's edge

line to follow so I know exactly where I

need to be not somewhere in that magic

marker line so after you get a decent