How To Cut Acrylic Sheet By Hand

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Poly(methylmethacrylate) also known as acrylic or by its various commercial

names, come clear and other colors. It's notoriously hard to cut, particularly by hand.

Due to its glossy and brittle nature, it

tends to scratch easily, crack, break and show every mistake. But there are a few

methods to solve this issue, this is how I cut acrylic sheet by hand.

Hi guys, this is Cosador, Jonathan here. So, I want to cut a piece of acrylic sheet, but let's

say I don't have a jigsaw, circular saw, or table saw but I really want a good finish.

There's a few things that I need to think about, first, preparation then

cutting and afterwards finishing the new edge. Let's start with preparation, when I

work with acrylic and generally work with recycled sheets and a new sheet

comes with protective adhesive paper which prevents scratching and is easily

drawn on without affecting the sheet below. However, when dealing with recycled

sheets it's best to use masking tape in areas where there are complex cuts and

to conserve masking tape, cover the rest in clean paper without any print on it.

I'm using baking paper but anything you have on hand is good enough.

Okay, let's start with the scoring method. For this I'm going to need a rigid straight edge,

I'm using rectangular tube, I need two clamps, a flat surface to work from there

has rigid edges to clamp on to, and a knife or scoring blade. I measure and mark

exactly where I want the cut to be. I line up the rectangular tube with the

mark and I clamp either end to the bench. I run the blade across the acrylic next

to the straight edge, scoring it with each pass. I want to be firm when scoring