Swavy Curly Haircut -- Haircut for Wavy/Curly Hair (2A, 2B, 2C, 3A Hair)

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you know you're a curly girl when you're

going to get your hair cut and you bring

your own products



hey there guys welcome back to my

channel this video is gonna be a little

bit different in that not very good at

this logging thing how do people do this

this isn't easy anyway I'm getting my

hair cut today yay and my sweet sweet

stylist Christian will be cutting my

hair we don't have the salon to

ourselves today so it will be kind of a

voiceover I'm thinking also I kind of

sort of joked kind of sort of meant it

that I'm bringing my own products this

is something you are absolutely able to

discuss with your stylist before you

come some salons don't like it when you

bring outside products in and if your