Deva Cut on 2C/ 3A hair | Carly Valentin

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hello everybody today I'm gonna actually

be getting a diva cut for the very first

time I'm so excited

I've always wanted one and my curl

pattern is like I mentioned in other


it's like t-33 a ish hair so basically I

have waves and I have curls so before

the diva cut they basically asked that

you wash your hair and you leave and you

detangle it and the very little product

in it so all I have is it can - like

leave-in conditioner and then I have a

Shea Moisture gel but like the tiniest

tiniest amount in there and some

detangler and then I'm letting my hair

air dry so this is what it looks like so

yeah I'm gonna be checking in throughout

the day that's my dog making noises I'm

gonna be checking in throughout the day

with you guys I'm actually gonna be

bringing my camera with me on this

journey to get the diva cut so I'll see

you guys later bye okay guys here I am

before my diva cut my hair is pretty

much dry naturally this has been driving

drying for about like maybe three hours

or so I would say my hair takes a really

really long time to dry air dry so

anyway yeah I'm so excited for my diva

cut the next time I check in we'll be

right back at the salon so I do see yes

you have it still what something in

there there's some type of organ

finishing that wants to come out what we

need is the right cut

so let's go over a couple things when

was your last haircut I'm in March March

with Galax haircut you ever had a giant

cut it's just the first first dry cut

first right okay I'll have a pictures

too so for us it's awesome pictures are

always very good so what are the main

problems that you find your hair fine

like the top is always flat I feel like

it's always flat I'd say when I dry my

hair I usually like clip the top so that

I get volume up here okay so I just

really want I've been growing it out and

want to keep as much length as possible

but I would like to like get some

choppiness in there to really I love to

enhanced it I mean yeah definitely

layers well not only enhanced curls

they're gonna give you a little bit of

volume make a nice space frame in the

front what I was thinking was maybe

bangs but I wanted to your professional

opinion if you don't think my hair's

curly enough for that or you know I'll

show you what I mean in the pictures but

yeah and I want to just bring out my

curl the rest of the hair I mean I trust

your professional opinion obviously okay

so so where do you normally like to loop

it to this place right mainly and we're

gonna be preserving length I mean last

cut was pretty recent so a little bit is

needed there I'll definitely blend you

out give you a lot more you need a lot

I'm a dumb crayon as far as bangs right

now it is my first time ever seeing your

hair I have a feeling you do not curl

until here

okay spy starts off kind of straight or

looser curl okay so as far as bangs I

would say maybe go for a short side bang

for now

sure and then I can always position it

forward and make it an actual short bang

okay now I want to wait and see first

what happens when we really appreciate

you how short are you comfortable with

your shortest layer B um I want to be

able to at least put it up even if I

have to like clip pieces

I trust you it my main thing is I want

definition curl and I want all my curls

to come out you know like if you look in

the back like my hair is curly like I

have some really you go back there it's

probably mad I see they come out once I

bring them out and I put stuff in there

they do come out so if we were to do

bangs I mean this is gonna look silly

but no I can choose right to the eyebrow

probably OB yeah you'll be okay with

having them on your face all the time

yeah what I might do is go this short

right now and yeah we've what happened

and then we can direct them cuz I want

to be able to wear those to the side too

you know you get a lot of girls with

like my hair type confident really with

your hair type that are kind of like on

the verge of wanting to come early but

it looks

but you definitely get good definition

yeah definitely all that's needed

sometimes it's the right cut right

amount of layering shape and the right

product so we're definitely gonna do our

diva trial customized product selection

for you okay looking at your Instagram

and like I saw some people that I could

tell it they want to keep their length

and all the guests you definitely

survived it before now it's hard with

curly hair but obviously that's what a

diva cuts for but people always say okay

yeah and then they top up with all this

hair right definitely

no definitely I definitely listen if you

guys tell me you want to keep some runt

I know what it's like I mean my hair

shrinks like crazy so I know what it's

like so I mean to preserve that length

in there


I'm here getting my diva cut by iris and

her beautiful hair salon and she's dry

cutting yay






she hasn't even styled my hair yet but

do you see the shape that I have here

she got I have nice choppy layers in the

front so you can actually see a curl

pattern starting to form I'm so excited

I'm gonna go in with our local riches

okay so for curly girls

is there any technique you recommend for

when they when you wash your hair or is

it just the head going into the scalp

and nothing what I always say is

definitely like right now we're using

the local which makes a mild lather to a

coconut derivative this is infused with

lemongrass and chamomile extract so it's

very very soft Mills amazing yes it was

really good very gentle on your hair

while encouraging volume all I'm going

to tell curly girls is do your hair

right in the shower do everything from

start to finish so you would cleanse and

we always use the word cleansing instead

of shampooing

we'll go with you would cleanse

conditioned and style your hair right in

the shower your goal is to lock in water

more than I know you say you use a lot

of products you may want to start

leaning towards using the right products

you know a good amount of the right

products I'll be very careful with

increase based products anything that's

oil-based things like that don't blend

well with water and just know that your

hair spine you know you're gonna get the

most definition when you curl and bounce

from your hair if there's a lot of water

and water is your current best friend

I'm actually gonna jump up I'm using our

one condition delight Janna camera

lighter wave encouraging even though you

are curling so this is our silicone free

one condition from the delight line the

lightest form of boy stream how cute the

light yeah it is the lightest form it's

infused with rice protein shia flax seed

extract and lotus flower what its gonna

do is it's gonna encourage volume in

your hair from the right protein the

Chia black seed extract is gonna keep

the softness and shine are going and the

lotus flowers percent in four regions

and hair this is gonna do it this is

actually a volume encouraging it's gonna

also encourage your wave or curl to

really really bounced in the conditioner

deeper into your hair straight

this conditioner is going to be left in


now we're going to rinse some of the

file and leave a cool-down in your

hair cut all the way back free


right now we're styling your hair

already we're seeing the difference from

leaving a good amount of water in your

Harrison something leave-in I'm running

it through your hair and working with a

lot of this water in here

microfiber towels are nice all they do

is remove excess water from in here but

not everything

curly hair should never be let

thoroughly dry than the ultra jell-o

jell-o I'm glazing this over and

scrunching it into your hair it's called

chrigel ultra defining gel for a lot of

mold and definition I mean your head

down just a little bit yeah I think this

is the one that I have open yeah I like

this one this gels are always you'd

laugh and the way you apply them is you

just glaze them and scrunch them into

place that's all how much are you music

I'm going I started with maybe four

pumps now I added about three okay just

you have a lot of hair yeah


and now I'm just gonna add in our

flexible hold hairspray oh boy are you

guys even meeting her it's pretty yeah

Zbyszko has one hairspray with very low

alcohol in it which shoots out first is

a blend of botanicals in your hair and

then the stuff that you know sitting

down so it's not gonna leave your hair

frozen or anything like that it's just

gonna provide a lot of hold it actually

also enhances



like clearly on them and we're just

scrunching it into your hair this is a

curl sculpting Tommy to scrunch out the

curl cast a little bit


that wants to go this way beautiful

homebody oh my god my hair look like

this and so long like ever Wow different

and this is just you know your first

time with diva it will get better and

better than I think this goes this way

actually perfect the more and more you

use it the more curly you're gonna get

but this is actually a very big

difference Hey look so good

you kept my lane that looks fun yeah

thank you so so so so much thank you so

so much

Wow way to see the pictures oh my good

name you know with your back to me there

you go yes curls good I'm iris and I am

the owner of curls all-out salon we

specialize in all types of curls from

the waviness to the most super curly we

are all about embrace your natural and

we're located at 2:03 Ridge Road in

North Arlington New Jersey