Swavy Curly Haircut -- Haircut for Wavy/Curly Hair (2A, 2B, 2C, 3A Hair)

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you know you're a curly girl when you're

going to get your hair cut and you bring

your own products



hey there guys welcome back to my

channel this video is gonna be a little

bit different in that not very good at

this logging thing how do people do this

this isn't easy anyway I'm getting my

hair cut today yay and my sweet sweet

stylist Christian will be cutting my

hair we don't have the salon to

ourselves today so it will be kind of a

voiceover I'm thinking also I kind of

sort of joked kind of sort of meant it

that I'm bringing my own products this

is something you are absolutely able to

discuss with your stylist before you

come some salons don't like it when you

bring outside products in and if your

hairstylist won't doesn't want you

bringing in products that's totally fine

but Christian is very sweet and she's

willing to let me bring my own stuff so

I basically just brought a bunch of

inner sense I may or may not have

brought my perfect haircare towel and my

brush with me so why don't we go ahead

and go inside hey there guys alright so

Christian is very sweetly just getting

me all set up here and guess what she's

here with me today yay hi

she'll be explaining what she's doing

from a very professional standpoint so

what's happening right now Christian so

I'm just sectioning out your hair and I

kind of I guess I'll just jump into kind

of the plan for this cut we're just

barely taking about an inch off her ends

and that's what I'm gonna do first then

we're gonna go in and add some layers

and some texture and face right alright

so we've all been there we've all sat

down in the chair and told the stylist

please don't take off too much length

and then all of a sudden chop-chop four

inches later gone were devastated

what you are like the best ever like

what is your approach to a client and

how much lengths to take off yes so this

is from personal experience I was

scarred but no I really just talked with

my client and really see what they're

comfortable with

I can even I measure it out on my comb

too so they know exactly how much I'm

taking off and then I show them in the

mirror and we just kind of make sure

everyone is gonna be happy with it

so you have a special comb that has like

one inch two inch three inch marks on it

yes it has all my all the inches on

there and it goes so my combs are

actually there's six inches long and so

actually if I'm doing a pretty big job

mm-hmm I can measure it really

accurately yes that is awesome I'm

thinking like hair donations and stuff

laughs exactly that is really cool so

are you still just cutting everything to

length right now in these segments yes

I'm just cutting those ends making sure

everything's even awesome I'm so healthy

it's so healthy oh well thank you so I

think we've talked about this in the

last haircut video but like you've known

me this whole time I've been doing this

whole wild process it's been so exciting

they're so sweet um have you noticed a

change in my hair yes 100% but yeah I

definitely think like your hair is so

much shinier and healthier healthier

yeah yeah okay so now I am just going in

and starting the layering process I went

in that first section in the middle back

of her head and started layering and

realized that the layers weren't quite

short enough so I just went in again and

I'm just matching that and I'm just

gonna take little um about inch

subsections all throughout the back

portion of her hair and just going in

and following that guy

and it's for hairstylist watching this

that is a traveling guide so that is

awesome alright but for the layman

watching this video you wants this

particular haircut how do they walk into

a salon and say hey cut my hair like

that yes okay so these layers I would

call them definitely medium length

layers but on the shorter side of medium

length when I think of like short layers

I think of like more of a shag look and

so that's definitely not what we're

going for

um but so it's definitely more on the

medium side but short medium shorter

medium that makes it there are

definitely not long layers there's

there's a bit of distance from my

shortest layer to my longest layer yes

okay alright and for all of the curly

girls watching this cringing going how

on earth is this a curly cut well I have

actually had a dry curl by curl cut that

Christian did and it was magnificent

curl cut and it added too much weight to

my hair yes and like pulled my curl

clumps out it made my hair micro powder

more elongated whereas like this haircut

I'll put some pictures in the at the end

but oh it's like curled up a lot and and

why do you think that is do you think

yeah I definitely think it's just taking

that extra weight out those I guess

possibly maybe we didn't do your layers

short enough with the curly cut I'm not

exactly sure if we could do it again and

be successful um or more successful but

um wouldn't it unsuccessful here get it

was a great it was an experimentation it

was a fun experiment so yeah what can

somebody is there anyone that this

haircut wouldn't work for um so anyone

that there

is just an extremely tight curl pattern

they're gonna need possibly a little bit

more length on their layers okay um and

then I definitely wouldn't go in and

we're gonna texturize here on the top

later and I wouldn't point cut or

texturize with thinning shears unless

they specifically asked for it because

of previous experience and what they've

had done to the hair and they know

that's what works best for them right so

yeah but like getting so many layers and

so much texture you're sitting here like

staring right now like it Serena no no

like you can see me in person and my

hair has sprung up like it loves this

kind of haircut so knowing your hair and

knowing what it likes is like super

helpful but you also don't know what it

likes until you kind of are willing to

try everything you have to do the

experimenting in a way um and that's

also like why it's important to have

your client stylist relationship you

both have good communication and you

know what you're working towards and

what is happening now so um I don't know

if you guys have noticed but I have gone

in and changed the angle that I am

cutting the layers around the top of her

crown and around her face

this section here I'm actually gonna cut

like everything else just perpendicular

to the hair but the other pieces I have

gone in and it's a technique called

point cutting and you go in parallel to

the hair and you just remove some of

that weight and kind of make a little

bit more movement make it to where the

hair could have more movement I guess I

should say okay so instead of a blunt

cut yet more textured yes hit time

everything you're supposed to do for a

technical curly cut

that's okay but point cutting what is

the difference between point cutting and

blunt cuts so instead of cutting and

going in with your scissors being pair

of perpendicular to the hair you're

going in parallel to the hair and kind

of leaving the ends a little scraggly

and shaggy so they just blend and and it

really takes out just a teensy bit of

weight from that okay

blunter in line okay so so it makes it

less smooth a blunt cut being perfectly

straight across whereas this point

cutting makes it a little bit more

jagged yes you cut into that end line of

this jagged in a good way

yeah I thought Oh blend yeah whoa

creates lots of movement and my hair

felt so much lighter weight after this

cut but it didn't lose any length I mean

it lost an inch a single inch as

measured by my shirt I'm so goofy you

you tolerate a lot I really appreciate

you dearly oh and guys comment down

below isn't Christian having the best

hair day got lucky that day it's so

pretty and that's your natural hair

color right yes yes god bless me oh my

goodness I'm not gonna lie I tried one

time at home with box hair dyed to do

this hair color oh did it was dredging

hair college day it was totally in my

college days but I'm just going in

through that crown and the partner on

her face and just really removing some

more of that weight seriously guys I

love it when she does this this makes a

huge difference in my hair my hair curls

up so much better when there is weight

taken off of it and it is some face

framing action happening yes okay so

we're going in and

I am really just cleaning up the layers

and just smoothing out all those ends

around her face I'm not only taking

anything too much shorter okay and one

thing that I have we have really worked

towards us to give me layers but also

make it so that everything can be pulled

back in a ponytail so no bangs for me

yeah well and like when we go in here in

a bit and texturize with the thinning

shears it's just so everything can come

back out of your face cuz it's so

frustrating when it's so having it just

falls into your face oh sorry

scissors were out of focus okay so I was

trying to go in and show you guys the

thinning shears that I'm gonna be using

for this part of the haircut and I'm

just going in and removing some extra

weight around her crown and the frame of

her face like on the top portion of her

head just cuz she gets it's gonna help

with volume and she just gets heavy

there I really do do you think I

potentially have maybe more hair on top

of my head like it's thicker on top like

why is it so heavy up there I'm not sure

that it's necessarily thicker I mean

maybe maybe you do have more hair but

you just have thick hair Oh in general

and so just to give that volume and kind

of help your roots be bounced up and

yeah wonderful right there so I have

really fine hair that's like decently

high density yes okay

so that's why all of these layers being

taken out like part of the reason I get

this haircut with so much texture is

that there's a lot of fine hair yes it

weighs you down and you're too heavy

so with this haircut work on somebody

who has like half the amount of hair um

on someone that has half the amount of

hair is you I would I would say the

layering would be fine but I would go in

and texturize maybe just a little bit

less with this thinning

okay and possibly take like bigger

sections okay

to texturize okay on you I could go in

and do those same section sizes like the

one-inch subsections that I do with for

the layers um and and I could even go

back and texturize you again in certain

areas but on someone with less hair I

would only hit that spot one time okay

so it would be customized to the

individual sitting down but yeah so yeah

so this is where it's so important to

let your stylist get to know your hair

because also like I don't know how long

I've even been doing your hair now I

mean it's the gears yeah

yeah and your hair has changed so much

and we've done very similar cuts to this

but like I'm definitely loving where

your hair is out right now I think it's

gorgeous so if it turns out is so good

this time alright and that is just about

it so now just fluffing and showing all

those glorious layers that are now put

in a way to go Christian alright guys

I'm back from getting my hair cut and I

thought I could show you the haircut in

its normal setting


yes there are a code with a number of

layers in my hair right now I really

love it I love how lightweight it's

making my hair and I love that I didn't

lose too terribly much of my length

that's good with me thank you so so much

Christian you kill it every single time

you're amazing guys if y'all want to

potentially go see Christian please

check out the link in the description

below it will have her information down

there if you're interested and yes I

know that this isn't a curly cut but you

got to do what works for you you've got

to be intuitive you've got to listen to

your hair and give your hair what it


sweet Christian always listening to me

she gave me an absolutely amazing dry

curly cut and guess what my hair didn't

love it my hair loves tons of layers

tons of texture and you can already tell

or at least I can that my that this

minimal product air dry hair is already

way more curly then it is normally my

hair loves this haircut incredible

amounts of layering just yes

and I didn't lose my length so anyway

guys I thought it'd be a whole lot of

fun to have an updated haircut video

because it's been a year since I have

shown you what kind of haircut I get

guess what this is very very similar to

my last haircut video hopefully the

quality is better as learning how to do

videos better fingers crossed I'm

getting a little bit better at this

alright guys I hope you have an

absolutely fantastic day and I will talk

to you later bye