How to Cut Thin Metal Precisely - Kevin Caron

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hey Kevin one of the questions I get

asked quite often really is how do I get

a good straight clean cut on a piece of

thin metal

well three tools that I use a lot or by

my foot's here and I've got a place here

for cutting the thicker stuff that the

foots here doesn't necessarily want to

do and I also have a Beverly shear or a

throat list here all of these work great

the most important thing to start out

with though is you have to have a good

line you have to have a good mark to

follow and I just throw a square up on

there and grab a scribe instead of a

pencil or a magic marker or soapstone or

something like that

because I want that nice razor's edge

line to follow so I know exactly where I

need to be not somewhere in that magic

marker line so after you get a decent

line on there you know you need

something to cut it with of course if

you're working with something thinner

than this even this is a piece of 16

gauge aluminum

50:51 I think it is but - it's just some

soft aluminum but it's a little too

thick for tin snips now this is just a

little too thick for it so gotta break

out the power tools so a couple of

different options you know if you have

an air compressor you can always use an

air-powered cut-off tool little 3-inch

diameter wheel on it

little abrasive wheel just get it in an

angle walk it along and of course a

favorite stand by you use the heck out

of them is just a little angle grinder

little four and a half inch angle

grinder with a cut-off wheel on it also

a little more torque a little bit

quieter than the air-powered machine is

and it's just so easy to get in there

and just line it up and just follow that

line right along an easy easy way I

found the cheap let's just grab a piece

of straightedge no piece of stock

something's got a nice straight edge to


clamp it to the edge of the bench get it

lined up right there where you need it

and you can just take your wheel

but it right up against your

straightedge just walk it down that way

helps keep everything nice and straight

and don't speaking to cutting it off

let's do that

and there you have it not too bad for a

Sunday afternoon so that just gives you

a couple of different options different

ways to get the job done and now I got

to go do a different job for myself so

why don't you guys come on out to

Instagram and check me out out there and

I'm going to clean this mess up

and I'm going to go back to work myself

we'll see you next time

it helps a lot if you plug in the other

end what's a lot safer this way it is

safer this way yeah and quieter