Ratcheting Cable Cutter - RC-600

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The Jonard Industries RC-600 ratcheting cable cutter cuts up to 600

MCM stranded copper cable, 750 MCM stranded aluminum cable, and has a

maximum capacity cutting cable up to 1 and 3/4ths inches or 45

millimeters in diameter. The RC-600 features large ergonomic handles and

hardened cutting blades that will allow the cutter to cleanly cut copper or

aluminum and multi conductor cable up to 600 MCM and its unique design will hold

and cut cable quickly and easily with minimum effort. The cutter also features

a spring design to hold the cutter in the open position, and when needed it has

a quick release for easy opening. Note at any time you can press the release plate

and move the blade upward to stop cutting. Please note the RC-600 is not

designed for cutting ACSR or steel and it is important to always wear approved

eye protection when cutting cable. To use the RC-600, first twist the handle lock

to the unlock position to release the handle. Next, extend the handle completely

outward, press the blade release, and pull the moving blade upwards. This will

enlarge the opening to accept the cable. Next, insert the cable and push the

movable blade downwards until the cable fits securely in the cutter and squeeze

the handle repeatedly until the cable is cut.

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