How To Diet To Lose Fat FOR GOOD (4 Phases)

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you're watching this video the chances

are you've attempted the diet of your

own in the past and you likely saw some

success with it maybe lost a few pounds

or maybe loss a ton of weight but

eventually you reached a point where you

just got stuck despite working out and

dieting as hard as ever then you got

frustrated and ended up regaining even

more weight than you initially lost then

you likely attempted to diet again

afterwards to get rid of that regain

weight but this time even when you put

in the same effort you just can't seem

to get as lean and everything just seems

so much harder I've seen this happen

time and time again and I personally

been through this series of yo-yo

dieting myself as well because the truth

is in the short term just about

everything works as long as you're in a