Quick Tip: Spot Welding 22 gauge sheet steel

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hey everybody this is Doug with artfully

rode one of the projects that I'm

working on this week is a large metal

door now I work on a lot of metal doors

and I typically use a 22 gauge sheet

steel so while I was working on the

story dawned on me hey let's do a quick

tip video on how to weld thin sheet

metal twenty-two gauge sheet metal

twenty-two gauge sheet steel is a little

thinner than a penny for me it would be

rare if I welded two pieces of sheet

metal like this I would just cut a

larger piece of sheet metal I often in

my designs

overlap the sheet metal on many of my

doors doors like this like this and like

this so whether you decide to overlap or

butt it up together the process is

relatively the same the secret is you

want to trick the sheet metal into