Quick Tip: Spot Welding 22 gauge sheet steel

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hey everybody this is Doug with artfully

rode one of the projects that I'm

working on this week is a large metal

door now I work on a lot of metal doors

and I typically use a 22 gauge sheet

steel so while I was working on the

story dawned on me hey let's do a quick

tip video on how to weld thin sheet

metal twenty-two gauge sheet metal

twenty-two gauge sheet steel is a little

thinner than a penny for me it would be

rare if I welded two pieces of sheet

metal like this I would just cut a

larger piece of sheet metal I often in

my designs

overlap the sheet metal on many of my

doors doors like this like this and like

this so whether you decide to overlap or

butt it up together the process is

relatively the same the secret is you

want to trick the sheet metal into

thinking that it is thicker than it

really is in other words don't weld in

the open air because it is truly 22

gauge so when you're putting the sheet

metal on to something thicker you're

making that sheet metal think that it's

a lot thicker than it is okay a quick

word about your welder all welders are

slightly different

alright mine which is a Lincoln weld

pack 100 this is a 110 version without

the gas conversion alright it has a

graph set up here when you're using

gasless flux cored wire now this is the

easiest way to get started welding is

without the gas you're using oh three

five wire all right because there's no

shielding gas it's a flux core now it

doesn't even have a setting for 24 gauge

and 22 gauge so you have to kind of play

with your welder to see what's going to

work best for you now obviously if

you're into gases and you can use an o2

5 wire it'll give you the settings for

22 gauge and 24 gauge which is even


so when I'm welding 22-gauge on this

particular welder D is the highest

setting I'll drop it down to B and then

I'll bring my wire feed right around -

you'll have to kind of play with it your

feed will be a little bit different than

say this particular machine when I'm

actually welding thicker steel I will

cut the wire to about a quarter inch but

when I'm welding 22 gauge I'll let that

wire go out to about 3/4 of an inch now

because I'm often welding rusty metal on

purpose I have to make sure

that where I start my weld is right on

the edge of this overlap

because this is even thicker than say

this single piece and you want it to be

a quick trigger squeeze for attack well

sometimes it may be necessary to clamp a

piece into place or even apply pressure

with another metal rod or something that

you have handy to make sure that there's

no gap underneath that sheet metal and

always make sure that you start with a

nice clean wire tip


so I hope this quick tip video has

helped out if you're working with 22

gauge sheet seal or thinner just make

sure that you have it on a nice solid

surface try to avoid welding in the air

make sure that your wire is extended

about say 3/4 of an inch

cut it so you have a nice clean surface

press down the sheet metal so there's no

pockets of air underneath it and then

just nice quick taps with the trigger

also make sure that your welder is

turned down to a lower setting that way

you don't blow through the sheet metal I

hope this tip has helped I expect to get

some longer project videos out soon but

just to kind of give you an idea about

what I have going on in the shop right

now take a look at this so today is also

shipping day on the right I'm shipping

out a water feature that's going over to

Colorado and then on the left is going

up to Maine and that is a bathroom

vanity and on the right I've got a big

metal sliding door going up to Sedona

and then on the left I've got one of two

doors that's going into Hotel Palomar

here in Phoenix Arizona this is the

second door for hotel Palomar and while

I'm waiting to fix the lock on this door

it also kind of becomes a worktop and

also going to the hotel Palomar is this

storage chest it was going to be a

restaurant hostess type station but it's

set in the shop long enough that it's

going to get repurposed for another


just cut pieces for another water

feature this one's going to California

and I've got cheap metal ready for two

different doors one's going to be a

sunburst design the other one's going to

be a patchwork but it's gonna be a 92

tall by 62 wide so it's kind of a big

door thanks for taking the time to watch

this video it is greatly appreciated and

I also want to give a shout out to my

patreon supporters barry and marlene

rush Judy claw ta and of course fun kiss

artistic creations see you in the next