Cutting 21" Decomesh / Rose Wreath Prep / Easy DIY Wreath

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hi guys more here from unique in the

creek so you guys want to make a rose

with 21 inch mesh pretty much any of our

flowers can be used with 21 inch mesh

doing it the way I'm going to show you

right now on how to cut your mesh and

then once you cut it just do the petals

like I've done in the tutorial except

you'll have a two fold of the petal so

one petal will be two pieces I'm gonna

show you right now what I mean that

makes your any flower you doing really

really full so keep that in mind that um

you know if you're gonna do in zinnia

like this it's going to be a really full

zinnia well any flower it's going to be

really full the only one I really don't

recommend doing this method with is the

sunflower because you do see the edges

on the sunflower and they could be

frayed but honestly the sunflower does