Cutting 21" Decomesh / Rose Wreath Prep / Easy DIY Wreath

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hi guys more here from unique in the

creek so you guys want to make a rose

with 21 inch mesh pretty much any of our

flowers can be used with 21 inch mesh

doing it the way I'm going to show you

right now on how to cut your mesh and

then once you cut it just do the petals

like I've done in the tutorial except

you'll have a two fold of the petal so

one petal will be two pieces I'm gonna

show you right now what I mean that

makes your any flower you doing really

really full so keep that in mind that um

you know if you're gonna do in zinnia

like this it's going to be a really full

zinnia well any flower it's going to be

really full the only one I really don't

recommend doing this method with is the

sunflower because you do see the edges

on the sunflower and they could be

frayed but honestly the sunflower does

not need to be used with 21 inch mesh it

does fine with just one roll of 10h mesh

as long as it's not really thin like the

taiwan stuff or the Hobby Lobby stuff or

whatever anyways I have this 21 inch

roll now I don't have a ton of 21 inch

because I don't normally use it a lot

but I had this 21 inch and it's actually

pretty I think it would make a really

nice flower but it's from Christmas

holiday living anyways it's what I

hadn't in my storage unit so I'm gonna

just show you what I mean by using 21

inch mesh now I can't get the whole

thing into my into my video thing here

but when you're cutting your mesh you

can either a use the cutting tool you

get in with your tutorial or if you

didn't get

the not the tutorial I'm sorry the kit

if you didn't get the kit then you can

cut yourself a 9 or 10 8 inch piece of

cardboard actually I'm gonna just get a

piece right there right now okay so this

is just a piece of foam cord I have cut

it is it's 9 inches long it's one I use

constantly over and over and I even put

notes in it I don't have a scrap piece

of paper I write on it but anyways you

can just cut yourself out a piece of 9

this is 9 inches long or 10 inches long


whatever size you feel comfortable using

9 inches works just fine so what I do is

I just lay my cardboard now keep in mind

with the Rose you're not gonna see any

of your edges okay and I'm just gonna

cut up now this is putting my thing here

now if you want to make a few strips

like I do with my electric scissors you

can fold this over okay and it doesn't

look like the first strip is gonna be

the nicest but you'll be able to still

use it because the Rose is just folded

so what I'm gonna pull this down so what

I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna close pin

and hold though that these two pieces

together and I'm gonna shift this down

and close pin this one together at the

bottom okay

I'm gonna press down flat so it's and

then I'm gonna flip it over again

okay now I'm using electric scissors so

I can cut them do a few folds now if

you're using a rotary cutter or a wood

burner well if you're you doing the rose

daffodil anything like that gerbera

daisy order

don't use a wood burner because you

don't see the edges I'd like to make my

flowers so you don't see the edges and

we won't have to worry about phrase so

I'm gonna put it one more time okay and

and now I'm going to take my clothes pin

off and hold all of that clump together

now if you just want to do it one at a

time you won't have to do this step but

I like to cut a bunch at a time so I

have my scissors here and my electric

scissors and I'm just gonna cut down the

side of these to make I'll probably uh

get two three I'll get four strips okay

the first strip I might not be able to

do because when they cut the role of the

mash it doesn't look like that was the

greatest cut when they started it so I'm

going to right off the roll okay now

what I'm going to do is cut up the side

and kind of use my arm I usually do this

standing up in the kitchen because it's

really hard to do on my lap but I am

doing it just my my living room table

side make sure all the pieces got cut go

I'm gonna flip it over cuz I'm

right-handed and just kind of flatten it

down so it's kind of away from the board


and I'm gonna cut up

here alright and you can take your

clothes pins off and you got one two

three four pieces of twenty-one inch

mesh that is nine ten inches long wide

okay now I'm going to show you how I do

the 21 inch pin I'm not gonna show you

the actual pedal because if you've done

the rows if you bought the rows tutorial

you know what I'm doing soon as I fold

it and I'll show you and you'll be able

to make the actual petals for any of the

flowers once you've ordered the tutorial

so you're gonna just take the top of

your mesh you're just gonna fold it over

now I use clothes pins for everything

they're like extra fingers and hands so

I'm gonna close pin right there and I'm

gonna close pin right there on the


now I'm gonna flatten this out and just

make a crease across it and I'm gonna

close pin it again on this corner and

I'm gonna close pin it on this corner

now the longer you leave the closed

though if you did if I didn't all these

four things so if you had a whole bunch

of clothes pins make a whole bunch of

these squares and set them aside even

put something like a book or something

on top because it doesn't take long for

the plastic to take shape so if you put

a book on top and did both four six

eight petals or whatever how many

clothes pins you had when you took that

book off this will completely be almost

like one solid piece like you won't have

it coming up like this so that's a good

trick to do as well but for this

tutorial sake and I know you guys are

anxious to get your started what you're

gonna do now is you're just going to

fold your petal the way I've showed you

in the video so you're just going to

take your corner and bring it to where

it's supposed to go and then zip it up

once you've done that once your zip tie

is in where the way it's supposed to be

in then you can release and take off the

pipe or the clothes pins and you'll have

the perfect petal and it would be nice

and full so once you start adding all

these full petals in your rose it starts

to become really large and completely

color saturated so it is beautiful it's

not that much more work and of course

you can still use the 10 inch mesh but I

was just getting a lot of customers

saying I have a ton of 21 inch what can

I do with it

Wow there you go so you don't even need

to cut your 21 inch mesh in in half so

you won't have fries all over the place

and when you do do our flower tutorials

you'll notice that you really don't have

to worry about the phrase anyways so

that's it so hopefully that helps you a

little more than my pictures did again

you'll know what to do if you've bought

the tutorial after you've made your

Square and that's it so hope this helps

everybody and have a great weekend