How to cut 20mm porcelain

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hi and welcome to the tailors tools

video channel again today we're going to

talk about the Zoe so lots of people are

having problems cutting 20 millimeter

porcelain or 2 cm as it's known in the

industry this saw the Zoe is very

capable of doing that you know you a

quick couple of cuts and let you make

your own mind up

okay so I'll show you the 20 mil

porcelain here becoming quite a

challenge for lots of landscapers and

ground workers so I put this piece of

timber here it's just basically a water

retainer otherwise when I'm doing the

cut all the water wants to run off the

edge of the slab and we do sell brushes

for that but this is a quick show

because it's the time of the year now

when everybody's looking to fix these

products so we want to get you you know