How to cut timber square with a power saw - Basic power tools skills

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all right so I'm going to show you a

quick tip on how to cut timber square we

all move with these large pieces of

timber it's a bit hard to put into a

drop saw

norm you put it on drops off and set it

at zero it's going to cut it nice and


there's with this larger piece here it's

a bit hard all free to get on the table

until the saw so I'm going to cut it

free here with a power saw and the big

builder set square I'll show you how we

do that

so first of all we need a couple things

you must Lodge build a set way

glasses and of course council I've got

the new Makita 36 volt double batteries

and Troy don't know play with so what

most people would do first of all we can

take the square and marking line in

order to do that you've got to hold the

sword you've actually got a guide and a

lot on the line try and actually get it

to cut straight a little tip that we can

actually do use the square hold it

against the timber and slide the sword

across as a guide show you

so what that does using the square as a

guide it allows the swords that cut

along nice and neatly right so you can

see when the squares laid flat there's

not a lot of an edges a little bit of an

edge and there's still a chance at the

sort of slip up over that so the trick

here a little tip is when you put the

saw Ron is to drop this end down towards

the bottom of the timber so that this is

down there what that does that just

makes this edge kick up a little bit you

may not see it see how to see in the

video there's actually a little lip

under there that I can almost fit my

finger under and then what that does

that acts as a good guide for the sort

of slide along I'll show you how that


set it there

what that does that now gives us a nice

square clean edge through there so we

can work on another thing to remember if

you're new to power saws and you're just

learning some basic hand skills whenever

you start a power sword never have it

tight up against the timber you don't

want to play actually touching the

timber cause what happens when you start

it up it can't keep back or a kajam and

cause a lot of injuries so you always

want to start it just with the front of

the blade on there and having a sore

back anywhere from about 10 to 20

millimeters and then you can actually

start the sore as it's going then you

want to go if your way into the timber

but never started right against this

subscribe down the length of my timber

but make sure the other end has already

been cut squared and then I'll measure

back market to set the square up run the

saw straight through the offcut drop so

that several of the others down 90


so you can see here there's two marks on

this saw this one here indicates zero

that's the one you want to line up with

your line as a guide so once you get

that there you can then put your square

on the opposite side here to help take

it through as a guide

you've also got this other mark here

which is set at 45 degrees so if you

tilt the saw over at 45 that should be

the mark that you go to to follow us a

square line so it's always good to use

these guides at the front here just to

make a nice just to make a nice straight

cut we also use the square as a guide to

control the size I cut through set the

front blade of the saw on the zero mark

line it up with that

so you can see by giving the soaring

good push through at the end and allows

it off cup to drop down nicely if I had

a stopped partway near the end the

weight of the timber would have come

down cause the sword of jam and even

worse probably force a lot of timber to

split at the end so you've got to got to

control the saw and you've gotta push it

through nice and quickly at the end

that's the secret

today I have a quick little tip it does

take a little bit of practice if you

haven't used our power source before

normally most people like to use two

hands one on the front and one on the

back so you need to be a little bit

skilled to be able to years of the house

all with one hand and hold it against

guide but there's a little bit of

practice you can learn you pick it up

all right thanks watching