How to Accurately Cut a 6x6

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because standard circular saws won't cut

all the way through large stock in a

single pass you need to cut from

multiple sides here's how to do it

accurately first mark the cut location

and use a pencil and rafter square to

extend the line around the post rotate

the stock as needed to line up the

square and transfer the line to all

sides now set the circular saw to its

maximum depth and align the blade with

the cut line then position a rafter

square against the shoe as a guide for


keep the shoe firmly seated against the

square during the cut after the first

cut rotate the stock and use the kerf

from the first cut to align the blade

for the second cut before starting the

saw back the blade out of the kerf so it

won't catch then pull the trigger and

make the cut rotate the stock and repeat

the process on every face on large

material like the 6x6 there will be some

uncut wood remaining at the center for

this use a hand or reciprocating saw

with a long wood blade to complete the