What Happens When You Eat 2,000kcal A Day?

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what's up musculation nation and welcome

to today's video we're gonna be talking

about calories in particular 2,000

calories and what would happen if you

were to eat only 2,000 calories per day

now first of all let's take a look at

what 2,000 calories looks like so this

is what 2,000 calories looks like 2009

calories exactly who wanna be precise if

I was an app 2,000 calories I'll

probably have something like this

there's a bit of variety there well as

much variety as possible with the

limited calories we have the macros are

186 grams of protein 55 grams of fat and

191 grams of carbs now if we took an

individual such as myself who eats much

more than 2,000 calories per day on

average for me I'm kind of around 3,000

calories 2005 from calories just to

maintain my weight around 94 95

kilograms now I thought for this video

I'd do an experiment and eat only 2,000

calories a day for a week and see what

would happen and I didn't do it in fact

I couldn't do it I tried for three days

and on the third day of crap because I

was that hungry I couldn't even sleep my

thoughts not worth it for YouTube video

I feel absolutely horrendous now I did

manage to do on 2500 calories per day in

a previous video and I lost about 2 to 3

kilos now if I had actually been

successful at eating 2,000 calories per

day and done it for a week then you can

see what would have clearly happened

what I've just probably would have lost

an extra kilogram maybe even more I

would have been smaller more depleted

and yeah I would have lost a little bit

more fat but I would have lost a little

bit more muscle mass as well now if we

say that hypothetically I was somehow

miraculously able to continue to be

2,000 calories per day and I did so week

after week after week what would happen

would be that initially the rate of

weight loss would be pretty steep

pretty goddamn steep but then it would

eventually taper off and balance out and

my body would reach a state of

homeostasis whereby everything would

pretty much stay the same but obviously

at this point in time however long down

the line this would be I would be a much

smaller version of myself yes I'd be

shredded but the amount of muscle mass

which I'd be able to maintain would be

much lower than say for example now so I

just be a skinnier version of myself

maybe weighing around

the low 80s 85 kilograms maybe tops

the only time I've successfully being

able to eat 2,000 calories per day was

at the end of a competition prep work

gradually been tapering down my calories

and I think the last two weeks before

the show I kind of hovered around 2,000

calories and I'll tell you now life did

suck quite a lot we can kind of see from

the footage what kind of state my

physique was in very lean but much

smaller than I am now and obviously I

don't really have to make this clear to

you guys my quality of life wasn't great

I was constantly hungry sleep was very

hard to actually achieve I was

constantly waking up constantly once to

go to the fridge mood swings were wild I

had no sex drive and yeah it like just

wasn't very fun at all the only way I

would have been able to somehow maintain

that would be if I'd pull back

drastically on the amount of calories I

was burning on a week-to-week basis so

I'd have to cut back from my training

sessions maybe even do just three

weightlifting sessions per week and I'd

have to pull back on the amount of

cardio I was doing the amount of steps

I've been doing on a day to day basis so

be possible but it's not something I'd

really want to do because I love the

Train I mean this is really ultimately

down to what your goals are if you just

want to have a kind of you know athletic

physique and do the least amount of work

possible you could do that buy it in

2000 calories and just having three

pretty savage gym sessions per week but

if you want to train more than that you

want to be bigger more muscular and have

more freedom with the types of food that

you eat and how often you eat it's how

much then you're gonna have to eat more

now let's move on to those individuals

who are already eating 2,000 calories

per day on average and this is very

common I find people sign up to my

physique transformation course when they

start off they write down the stats in

the Facebook group and a lot of them

tell me you know they're eaten between

1800 all the way up to like 2,100

calories and more often than not they

all tend to have the same kind of

physiques it's kind of like skinny fat

you know they might have a bit of shape

on them because I've been training

beforehand but there's quite a lot of

fat which is they're holding onto and

they always ask me Mike first of all

what should i do should I book a smoker

and second of all help me out because

nothing's happening

right I have not seen any change over

the past few weeks and that makes sense

if you keep doing the same thing you're

eating the same map calories week after

week after week there isn't gonna be

that much change a lot of these

individuals they're too scared to eat

more because I think I'm just gonna get

found gonna put on more body fat and

they're too afraid to cut calories back

further because they think the glue size

that's if they can actually take away

more calories from the 2,000 calories

they're only consuming which is not much

now if we took one of those individuals

is eating 2,000 calories per day they

could technically still make improvement

if they place their body in a perfect

environment for building muscle and

losing fat so more often a lot that need

to get more sleep they need to optimize

their nutrition so eat high-quality

foods maybe they need to improve their

ratio of macros and more protein less

fats things like that maybe they need to

step up the intensity in the gym improve

the my muscle connection the quality of

the reps maybe even get a coach there's

so many different things which they

could improve upon which would help them

to actually possibly improve their body

composition but ultimately again it's

that same situation if they did mirai's

II saw how every aspect of their life

yeah they'd be changed but it was

short-lived and everything would stay

the same again so if that individual

wants to continue to see progress

they're gonna have to start eating more

now let's say for example that

individual is in 2,000 calories and they

said to me Mike I need to get shredded

in four weeks what can I do okay so

they're looking at the short run game

they would potentially be able to create

a further deficit by burning more

calories so doing more steps maybe doing

some more cardio on the treadmill they

can create a further deficit from that

2,000 calories but again it's gonna get

harder and harder with each week and

ultimately like we saw in the examples

of when I cut my calories drastically

you'll just end up being a smaller

version of yourself a skinnier version

of yourself with less muscle mass just

look at these Fitness guys on Instagram

which cause a lot of you guys are

following these people those are people

out there with the best physiques know

the guy very muscular very lean physique

they are not eating 2,000 calories per


every day there may be a few days in the

year where they are but the majority at

a time those people are eating much more

than that 3000 calories or more okay in

order for you to maintain a significant

amount of muscle mass if you need to be

consuming a significant amount of

calories in the first place

these guys are machines they're going to

the gym they're burning loads of

calories are shifting a heavy weight and

they're doing this on a day to day basis

and these people are extremely

regimented with the way they train ok

they're very consistent with it the

training weekend week out they're pretty

consistent with their nutrition

programming as well I'm sure maybe a few

days whether you get crap or they may

binge I'm sure you know you've seen a

lot of youtubers do that I'm guilty of

that doing as well but because I have

such a high metabolism and I've got a

lot of muscle mass it doesn't really

cause me that much damage so if you're

watching this in you are in 2,000

calories per day I would imagine that

you're pretty frustrated with the way

things are progressing and you want to

change I'm sure a lot of you guys who

are watching this video mine

want to build them all muscular physique

so ultimately you need to start eating a

little bit more and maybe switching up

your training programming now I'm not

gonna go into too much detail about how

to do that in fact a month ago any

detail about that in this video because

we'll be going on and on I'm gonna do

another video on that how you can boost

your metabolism how it should go about

eating more and thinking about how you

can sort out your body composition and

think about the bigger picture I can do

it sustainably and enjoyably long into

the future so that video will be out in

a matter of days the link will be in the

description and that's that so thanks

for watching and I'll see you in the

next video