What Happens When You Eat 2,000kcal A Day?

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what's up musculation nation and welcome

to today's video we're gonna be talking

about calories in particular 2,000

calories and what would happen if you

were to eat only 2,000 calories per day

now first of all let's take a look at

what 2,000 calories looks like so this

is what 2,000 calories looks like 2009

calories exactly who wanna be precise if

I was an app 2,000 calories I'll

probably have something like this

there's a bit of variety there well as

much variety as possible with the

limited calories we have the macros are

186 grams of protein 55 grams of fat and

191 grams of carbs now if we took an

individual such as myself who eats much

more than 2,000 calories per day on

average for me I'm kind of around 3,000

calories 2005 from calories just to

maintain my weight around 94 95