Weird Ways to Burn 200 Calories

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after taking a look at what 200 food

calories looks like a few weeks ago we

thought what does it look like to burn

these calories off sure the average

person who runs for a good 20 minutes

will burn roughly 200 calories but is

that really the most fun way to do it

for example why not chew gum for 18

hours to burn off those 200 calories

granted chewing gum contains around 10

calories per piece so if you took a new

piece every hour you'd basically be

breaking even love lip balm try applying

it 1,500 times to burn 200 calories and

why not put those glossy lips to good

use with 2 hours of kissing your love

interest if things heat up you only need

an hour of sex to burn off 200 calories

but before all that you may want to

spend forty five sessions brushing your

teeth prefer a more passive route