How to Lose 20 LBS of Fat! (THE RIGHT WAY)

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what's up guys I'm really excited about

today's video because rather than

breaking down some fat loss myths or

going over just one particular diet or

just one particular workout plan I get

to tell you guys exactly what you'll

need to do step-by-step to lose 20

pounds of fat the right way and this is

really great because there are a lot of

wrong ways to go about losing 20 pounds

now even though there's more than one

method to help you lose the 20 pounds of

fat the principles for losing the weight

and keeping it off remain the same and

those specific principles are exactly

what I want to touch on today so let's

get right into this because after

spending over half my life training

myself as well as thousands of people

I've gathered some really great

information that I really think will