Cutting 20lbs in 5 days. Day 1

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hey everyone my name is Shintaro Higashi

and for those of you who don't know me

I'm a combat athlete judo is my main

sport I've had a little bit of success


I've won nationals twice I wrestled in

high school in college Allstate I've

done BJJ boxing all sorts of combat

sports you name it I've done it

I just most recently came back from the

Samba World Championships fought Russia

first round the six-time world champion

got smoked but that's besides the fact

here's my cauliflower here to prove that

I'm a combat athlete indeed the reason

why I'm making this video today is to

Trump my progress for making weight I

usually fight 220 but I'm coming back at

a lower weight class

I'm actually not fighting 198 I'm

actually jumping all the way down to 178