Cutting 20lbs in 5 days. Day 1

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hey everyone my name is Shintaro Higashi

and for those of you who don't know me

I'm a combat athlete judo is my main

sport I've had a little bit of success


I've won nationals twice I wrestled in

high school in college Allstate I've

done BJJ boxing all sorts of combat

sports you name it I've done it

I just most recently came back from the

Samba World Championships fought Russia

first round the six-time world champion

got smoked but that's besides the fact

here's my cauliflower here to prove that

I'm a combat athlete indeed the reason

why I'm making this video today is to

Trump my progress for making weight I

usually fight 220 but I'm coming back at

a lower weight class

I'm actually not fighting 198 I'm

actually jumping all the way down to 178

and I've been dieting pretty hard so I'm

in pretty good shape now I just stepped

on this scale today at 198 and I feel

pretty good you know it's not always the

case that I'm in great shape you around

sometimes it gets away from me I know it

shouldn't be as a combat outfit um you

know always within weight but you know I

live in Manhattan and it's a lot to do

eat Soho gets away from me sometimes but

I'm doing this here let me show you my

calendar right so I'm 198 today and I'm

gonna do a mock weigh-in on Saturday the

reason why I'm doing a mock weigh-in is

because three weeks from now I'm

competing in Peru I'm fighting at a

World Cup event and then the week after

I'm fighting in Argentina and I don't

want to go out there unprepared I don't

want to make an unfamiliar wait class in

an unfamiliar body and then try to

compete in an optimal way in a weight

class that I haven't been at you know in

years essentially so that's why I'm

gonna do a mock way and I'm going to

chop my progress so when I actually do

it few weeks from now I've done it

before and I got a peace of mind to know

that you're not compete optimally so

like I said 198 I'm going to be I want

to be 178 by this date and then

once I rehydrate I'm going to chart how

I feel chart my progress and everything

get a workout in and you know see you

know give myself some information some

valuable information so I could compete

well um so I'm going to show you guys

exactly how I'm going to do it that way

when you guys go through it you guys can

follow sort of this method today I am

starting off by drinking two gallons of

water two gallons of these two these and

then I'm gonna eventually reduce the

water intake from two gallons a day two

gallons a day one gallon half gallon

quarter gallon and then um my body's

gonna be getting rid of water like crazy

and uh you know that's the plan that's

the plan I can't claim this as my own

it's not Martin Rooney who was my coach

and mentor for a very long time he

taught me how to do it so I can't claim

it as my own but it really does work

wonders so the number one thing is

manipulating fluids liquids uh how much

water I drink and I'm really regimented

about that and then the next thing that

I have to really focus on is my sodium

intake because sodium makes you retain

water so I'm allowing myself to have

just a tiny bit of sodium today tomorrow

but then I'm completely going to cut

that out you know once I Slyke I said

when I start drinking my two gallons of

water a day my body's gonna get you set

an amount of water go into complete

flush mode especially with no Saudi of

my body there's no reason for me to

retain any water and I'm gonna break

down the water and on Friday the day

before my weigh-in I'm not gonna have

any any water and then I'm gonna try to

sweat everything out take baths go for

runs things like that it's a whole

method to it so aside from sodium I have

to also you know remind myself that I

have to eat properly during this time

and then I'm gonna limit myself to under

50 grams of carbs a day I started myself

off today with this little baby food

thing it's absolutely delicious ah 18

grams of carbs and very little sodium

minimally processes the whole food so

there's only 90 calories so you know I'm

off to a good start

I'm off to a good start I'm going to

that take my protein shake eat my

chicken I'm gonna keep the calories to a

minimum though um yeah so you know I'm

very optimistic I hope you guys can

learn something from this video I'm

gonna chop my progress every day as I do

this and you know I'm very excited about

this I'm optimistic I feel pretty good

talk to me on Thursday or Friday and I

might not be there but I'm gonna do my

best to keep this consistent so you guys

can have a resource that you could go to

and you know like I said it's for me

also so stay tuned and the other port

seeing you guys