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oh this is a good one lose 20 pounds in

20 days I know the first the first

comment is gonna be like oh my gosh

that's not healthy listen first and

foremost we have to figure out where

you're at how heavily processed your

diet is how inactive you are because

this doesn't have to be unhealthy I'm

gonna show you what I mean now this is

for somebody that wants to lose 20

pounds in 20 days they're not worried

about restricting and they're not

focused on all of that stuff it's like

here this is my goal tell me what you

would tell me to get me to that goal I

want to hit it and we're gonna do a lot

of giveaways you guys so make sure your

notifications are on and I'm gonna give

away ten copies of this 21-day metabolic

reset the first ten people that comment

right now I'm gonna give you one make

sure you DM me after I let you know in

the comments below so let's get back

here lose 20 pounds in 20 days so

alright cut sugar cut added sugar right

sugars and everything high fructose corn

syrup molto dextran sucralose sugar is

in your zero calorie energy drinks

sugars in your zero calories supplements

you have to look for sugar in fact

Google the different types of sugar if

you want to drop 20 pounds of body fat

in 20 days you have to limit and even

cut sugar so cut sugar in the form of

processed foods

alright refined carbs and sugar that's

first and foremost so then you're

probably like well what do I eat instead

I'm gonna give you two carbs remember

right we're talking about losing 20

pounds in 20 days this isn't you can

have your flexible dieting and you can

have you have a goal this was a question

that I was asked Michael if I want to

drop 20 pounds in 20 days what would you

do what would you do sweet potato and

quinoa now you could do steel cut oats

you can do some sprouted grain there are

other carbs right but you said 20 pounds

in 20 days surely you can do this for 20

days sweet potato and quinoa the best

part is you don't have to count calories

or macros try overeating sweet potato

you ever done that

try your reading try over eating a bowl

of quinoa it doesn't work right so

people like calories in calories out I

say you stick to these kinds of foods

you don't have to worry about calories

and calories out because you're gonna be

full and satiated before you could ever

get fat so sweet potato and

quinoa we want to moderate protein

there's all kinds of rules of thumb out

there one gram per pound of bodyweight

you could do a little less you could do

a little bit more but stick there and

moderate protein and increase healthy

fats all right so healthy fats avocado

coconut oil olives Salmons another good

fat so increase your healthy fats now

this is your nutrition this is your

nutrition plan I don't want you to count

calories I don't want you to count

Mountain macros I don't want you to

worry about that consume these carbs as

close to 75 or a hundred percent as

possible of your carb sources the closer

you are to hundred the faster this is

going to go moderate moderate your

protein and increase healthy fat so now

let's talk about training all right

you're probably thinking oh my gosh I

gotta train my eyeballs out no you don't

know you don't in fact if you do that

that's gonna do the heavy lifting what I

want you to do is I just want you to do

some hit max alright hit max if you

google hit max burn fat not time you're

gonna see an app in the App Store that's

my app we've got over 5,000 people in

there you get a free 14-day trial you

just go to Apple when you google it and

I just want you to do every other day so

do Monday do Wednesday do Friday and

occasionally on a Sunday 10 to 15

minutes the workouts are there there

follow along they're all laid out this

is all I want you to do and then the

last piece which is the most important

piece that nobody talks about is you

need to make sure that you get sleep

sleep is everything it regulates

hormones it is listen when I say

everything I don't want to get into the

Nitty Gritty of it but if you're not

sleeping and your fat is stuck and

you're doing these other two things

sleep check that so some people I'm

gonna give you two tips SLE eep sleep

six to eight hours all right now two

tips one to first tip for those of you

because I hear all the time right I

can't fall asleep I have so much I can't

do it I got so much on my mind

shut your device's down one to two hours

before bed shut them down dim the lights

turn the a/c down you know that studies

show that 66 to 68 degrees

is where we sleep best one to two hours

you're gonna shut your device's down if

you have trouble going to sleep next one

I can fall asleep but I get up in the


I can't stay asleep you're probably

getting up to go pee which means you're

drinking liquid water whatever it is too

close to bedtime so cut your liquid one

to two hours before bed these two things

should have a big-time impact on your

overall sleep so nutrition training

sleep these are the only three things

that I want you to do for the next

twenty days now it's all in here so for

the ten of you that get lucky you're

gonna see it it's all gonna be here all

your foods everything is laid out every

single thing step by step is laid out in

here for those of you that don't get

that because your notifications aren't

on and you didn't comment follow this

program these three things and I

guarantee your results what I want you

to do in fact is in 20 days I want you

to come down this pop bookmark this post

come back and let me know just how well

this stuff has worked I promise promise

promise you that if you do these three

things you cannot fail I love you guys

comment below how this hit served I love

you Thanks so so much