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oh this is a good one lose 20 pounds in

20 days I know the first the first

comment is gonna be like oh my gosh

that's not healthy listen first and

foremost we have to figure out where

you're at how heavily processed your

diet is how inactive you are because

this doesn't have to be unhealthy I'm

gonna show you what I mean now this is

for somebody that wants to lose 20

pounds in 20 days they're not worried

about restricting and they're not

focused on all of that stuff it's like

here this is my goal tell me what you

would tell me to get me to that goal I

want to hit it and we're gonna do a lot

of giveaways you guys so make sure your

notifications are on and I'm gonna give

away ten copies of this 21-day metabolic

reset the first ten people that comment

right now I'm gonna give you one make