How I Lost 20 Pounds In 2 Weeks ! | My Tips & Tricks to Lose Weight The RIGHT Way!

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hey rosemary Shekar Kansas now back with

another video and today I know I clicked

on this video because y'all want to hear

what I got to say about losing 20 pounds

in two weeks that's right y'all two

freakin weeks and it is not a joke this

is not like me this is completely


so if you want to know how I lost 20

pounds in two weeks just keep watching

okay yeah so before I start I just want

to say if you are a new subscriber hey

how you doing welcome to my channel if

you are o subscriber welcome back to my

video I hope y'all enjoy and if this is

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being y'all go ahead and like comment

and share the video but I'm not to tell

you exactly how I lost 20 pounds and and

then I'm gonna go and tell you guys how

I'm gonna lose a lot of weight again

okay but I do want to make a quick

disclaimer I'm not a dietician a doctor

a I'm nothing certified at all that

should be giving our advice this is just

telling you guys what I did and if you

gonna lose weight loss journey with me

then follow what I tell you guys so okay

guys so if y'all want to know how I love

this 20 pounds in two weeks I'm gonna

tell you right now

and I'm gonna tell you all this before I

say I do not recommend this at all I

repeat I do not recommend this at all

this is not healthy this is not the

safest thing to do

yeah and imma leave it at that so the

way I lost 20 pounds in two weeks was

not eating


I repeat I did not eat anything and if I

did eat something it was more of a drink

chicken broth that was it for two whole


I dropped so much weight so freakin fast

and it's like ridiculous

and that is not the way I'm going this

time at all you guys because that was

not healthy I mean of course I seen

results quickly but with not eating you

will definitely pick up the weight a

whole lot quicker and plus more when you

start eating again so when I lost that

20 pounds I've gained all live event

well pretty much all of it back now

except for pounds and even when I lost

this when he knows I was still now where

I want to be I want to get down to 130

like 130 ish pretty much so for that I

need to lose 41 pounds which I can

definitely do it is very doable and I

want to do it by summertime honestly at

least by like June the first at the

latest that's when I want to get it off

my body and everything because

summertime is coming up I don't know

we'll just extra weight on me I told

y'all like me having all this extra

weight on me is something I'm not used

to I was doing this big until I was

breaking things like yeah so I mean

having all this extra weight it doesn't

make me feel good like it makes me feel

yucky all the time it makes me feel kind

of like not really insecure but in a way

I guess that's what you would kind of

call it but yeah so I'm gonna tell y'all

how I'm about to get this weight off of

me and I'm actually do it the right way

so the first thing I'm going to do is

I'm going to do intermittent fasting

meaning I'm going to eat for eight and

fast for sixteen so the eight hours that

I chose to do is 12 to 8 so I start

eating at about noon and I finished

email 8 p.m. and I'm also drinking 1

gallon of water a day that is 8 bottles

of word a day if you have the bottles

that are 16.9 ounces because you need

128 ounces of water well to make a

gallon um yes I've been doing I just

been filling my couplet actually I think

it's a little bit more than that but

I've just been feeling ugly I've been

drinking 8 of those a day and today I

actually drank four bottles of water and

I got to do 4 more when I finish this

video so while I'm editing them again 4

more bottles in but that's another way

I'm going to do it because believe it or

not just drinking a gallon a day will

drop a lot of weight I'm trying to tell

you I've seen so many people do it and

right now no exercise at all so drinking

a gallon of water a day intermittent

fasting also another thing is cutting

out breads like no bread and if I do eat

bread it's going to be like whole wheat

and bread with a lot of seeds and I'm

not eating no white bread like no white

bread at all I mean in brown rice

instead of white rice now another thing

is I'm trying to cut out sugars like any

sugars I'm trying to cut them out if I

add sugar it's gonna be either brown

sugar or the sugar supplements like the

stevia and stuff like that but that'll

be rare because I don't really drink

coffee like I talked about so I probably

won't even do those another thing is I'm

going to be Ian mainly vegetables and

fruits and I'm not eating any beef

important beef important does a whole

lot to your body if you haven't heard of

it or read about it or anything go look

it up because

it's a lot that RIT me just everybody is

like not good at all

and it digests a whole lot slower than

like turkey meat would but I'm not even

eating turkey meat I'm just strictly and

chicken and seafood so that's that

investment of fruits and even vegetables

even fruits have a lot of sugar in them

to watch how much of those you're eating

even though fruits have a lot of good

benefits with eating them if you eat too

much that can be unhealthy as well just

like with the water if you drink way too

much water that can potentially be

hazardous to your body so now even the

sugars I'm not eating any arm fried

foods like I have been in any fried

foods like honestly like as in like

fried chicken and stuff like that I'm

not eating any of that everything I eat

is baked or grilled or like sauteed in

pan if I'm eat if I want a burger if I

want a burger if I crave a burger I'm

eating plant-based you'll see that in my

meal prep video tomorrow when I upload

that so you'll see it I just get the

beyond burgers and they were pretty good

or you can get the impossible whopper

from Burger King but that has the white

bread on it so I wouldn't really

recommend that unless you want to keep

braiding and diet don't think I'm

drinking his water so no juices no teas

except green tea green tea is really

good for you no coffee unless you're

doing like black coffee but I can't

drink nothing in it and if you have to

put something in it then put like

unsweetened almond milk I think I'm

gonna try that because they're like

clear zero and coffee makes me clear out

completely so if I do that it'll be like

a blue moon type of thing um another

thing I'm gonna do is a detox I'm going

to get the cinnamon piety from Walmart

it's like 798 I forgot to sum up today

when I was there so I'm gonna pick up

some of that

another thing is I'm going to start

walking every I'm not gonna say every

morning because I don't know if it'll be

every morning or afternoon but I'm gonna

start walking at least an hour a day and

another thing I really want to try is


that's a good way to lose weight I don't


yoga is really really good but you have

to be really patient with yoga you gotta

really be in tune with yourself I think

I need to align my chakras before I do

that so maybe not the yoga yet but I

think I'm gonna try like a few like

beginner yoga videos like on YouTube or

something like that but that's gonna be

doing the walk in no fried foods not

sure there's no bread basically anything

white food is not good for you well for

losing weight on this way now if you

want to gain weight go all for it but in

losing weight no you need brown rice you

can sweet potatoes you need brown sugar

stuff like that but let me see what else

am I going to do all water that's pretty

much it

diet and exercise and another thing I

want to add to the video and y'all might

think it's really weird or you might not

be a religious person or you might think

it's really cliche or silly but I'm

gonna be honest with you praying praying

does a lot all you have to do is ask the

Lord to give you the strength give you

the ability and help you along the way

because if you don't have faith in doing

it you're not gonna do it you can't do

anything in life without the Lord you

know nevermind I'm gonna get into a

whole Bible lesson but yeah so honestly

prayer water no fried foods no sugars no

white foods walking yoga some type

honestly I think you need to do some

type of exercise if you don't wanna do a

walking you need like an at-home type of

exercise but I'm gonna try to do walking

as well as like exercise so I'm I do

yoga for mine why might get some sit-ups

or some jumping jacks or some high knees

or I might combine some exercises some

days because some days you want you want

to do more than others which is actually

a good thing

so but you don't want to overwork

yourself so you need to make sure you

stretch for at least 20 minutes before

you do any type of exercise them but

yeah so I'm gonna do that and another


sleep sleep helps you lose weight

getting enough sleep really does help

you lose weight and not even after a

certain time helps you lose weight you

see their way fall out instantly I'm

trying to tell you just doing right with

your body

what's your body responds to this what

you need to find whatever your body

responds to so your body might respond

better to walk in instead of running but

yeah at all that's honestly what you

need to do is find out what your body

responds to the best and do that so I'm

gonna go ahead and end this video right

here I hope y'all enjoyed the video

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