22% to 17% Body Fat in 8 Weeks

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hello everyone and welcome to another

video on the fad weight loss channel my

name is Erin and today I'm talking all

about the protein and greens challenge

that I've been doing over the past eight

weeks that I've been able to

significantly reduce my body fat

percentage so let's get started so let's

start with the absolute stats of what

I've been doing and some of the results

that I got over the past eight weeks

because I think that's really

interesting and this isn't so much to

talk about what I've done this is more

about how to actually implement it for

you so if you wanted to do the exact

same thing hopefully this video can can

show you how to do that so I started off

at 22% body fat so I had come back from

holidays and a whole bunch of other

things you know probably not following