Three Ways to Cut Sheet Metal for any Budget!

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what's going on guys welcome to today's

video hey if you do any kind of metal

work at some point you're gonna have to

cut sheet metal so today I'm gonna show

you three different ways to cut sheet

metal for any skill level and any budget

so for the purposes of this video we're

not talking about this paper thin sheet

metal that's easy to cut you can just

cut that with shears the tools that I'm

going to show you really excel in 16

gauge 10 gauge you know a little bit

thicker stuff which is technically

referred to as plate but it's commonly

referred to as sheet metal so I call it

sheet metal but anyway the tools I'm

about to show you when I talk about

cutting sheet metal we're talking about

cutting anything about 18 gauge to 10

gauge will get the most obvious one out

of the way first