How To Draw A Cartoon Number 2 | Quick and Easy Bullet Journal Doodle Ideas | bujoTIGER (ZOOSHii)

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hi zoo shits I'm Kitty from sushi and

I'm going to show you how to draw a

cartoon number two so first up what we

do is we draw a line at the top of our

page and then one just a little bit

further down and then we just make a

rectangle from those two lines so we

bring a line down there and then another

line yeah then within that we just make

another rectangle that's about that

thick just down the bottom and then in

the top which or a big circle and bring

it over to this corner we just look at

the thickness here so we want to make a

little circle within the bigger circle

to leave a thickness of about that on

the outside so just draw a circle there

then from this point we take the line up

to that middle point and then basically

just drop that line down running

parallel and then we draw a line across