How To Cut Toddler Boy Hair

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everyone so today I wanted to show you

how I go ahead and cut Jacobs hair and

Jacob is almost 20 months old and so

I've been cutting his hair since he was

a year old since he was about 12 months

old and so I thought it would be fun to

show you guys kind of how I go ahead and

do it so I'm the very first thing I will

say is I like to go ahead and put

something on him just the hair doesn't

fall on him and the other thing is is he

is sitting across from an iPad I always

play a show or something for him to

watch something to you preoccupied and

keep them kind of looking straight it's

much much easier to cut his hair when

under them so the first few things that

I will use obviously I like to use a

pair of clippers you don't have to use

clippers I just started using clippers I

used to just use scissors it just takes