Curly Boy Haircut Tutorial

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around the time Spurgeon turned one his

hair had gotten quite curly and we

didn't cut his hair until he was about

18 months old for the first time and

even then it was just a slight trim it

wasn't chopping off the girls entirely

and then from there we just continued to

just cut shape kind of take it up around

his ears and we would trim it and that

was about it we really didn't give him a

real haircut until he was probably two

and a half now he gets a haircut

probably every two to three months and

I'm going to show you how I cut his hair

and what that looks like this is just a

basic I bought this from Amazon for just

a few bucks this is like Ben's beard

trimmer it's nice for like trimming at

the hairline on the back of the neck and

like going around the ears and this is

also Waldron all right this is a five