Curly Boy Haircut Tutorial

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around the time Spurgeon turned one his

hair had gotten quite curly and we

didn't cut his hair until he was about

18 months old for the first time and

even then it was just a slight trim it

wasn't chopping off the girls entirely

and then from there we just continued to

just cut shape kind of take it up around

his ears and we would trim it and that

was about it we really didn't give him a

real haircut until he was probably two

and a half now he gets a haircut

probably every two to three months and

I'm going to show you how I cut his hair

and what that looks like this is just a

basic I bought this from Amazon for just

a few bucks this is like Ben's beard

trimmer it's nice for like trimming at

the hairline on the back of the neck and

like going around the ears and this is

also Waldron all right this is a five

guard your head just like that

- going up slightly at college and kind

of fading out here is it tickle




Kerli here you'll often have to take it

a few different direction to cut two

inches up


all the directions if these curls grow


so keep your head down I took the

Clippers and I went this way up the

hairline then I went this way about two

inches just just about as wide as the

Clipper raised up and I gave they did

over the ear keep up with the tub I did

it over the ear I held the Clipper a

little bit out and I went over the ear

that way and up that way just barely did

the same thing when tall you're on the

other side of the head that's what I've

done Spurgeon over the ears with the

five guard and about two inches along

the back of the head here Spurgeon's

here I want to keep more volume on top

because I want to show those curls I

want to get too short

also I want to keep bangs down on the

front and I always want to trim this

longer than expected because when the

curls dry they'll be shorter and I don't

want to have like a hairline I live here

what this down a hair spur gee you got a

lot of hair it really fast

all right now turn around and stick your

legs through the chair there you go good

job pretend like you're driving a rocket

or workship and find riding a rocket

that can go to the moon okay now I'm

gonna take this here and try to find

that here line at the base where I faded

it take it all the way down

and on spurgeon so on Henry I held my

hand about maybe two inches out from the

head on Spurgeon I'm gonna go more like

three at the top because I want to keep

a little more length and leave a little

more room for his hair to curl up there

so take section each of these sections

are probably gonna be about an inch and

a half wide or so I get all the way down

to that fade line

I'm gonna take the next section over

just still sweaty okay go as fast as I


let's back home to the table

come to the side over here

continue doing that just taking the hair

not straight train my hand out seems to

give extra length for those curls

i wetted his hair down all over I come

straight down and I took the come like

this took a section about two inches

wide and I went all the way down to that

clipper length which was I think it must

have been a five guard or something and

then I held it out from the head a

pretty good angle take it on the side

here pretty good angle out from the head

so it would stay longer because with

curly hair it's gonna curl up and it's

kind of look shorter than it actually is

the nice thing about curly hair is it

also hides imperfections so don't worry

about that too much take it out from the

head probably about this angle let's see

it's pretty far out from the head you

can always take off more afterwards but

you can't go back on and then I just

kept that angle out away from the head

here at the top that's probably about 4

inches from the head so normally with

the haircut I would keep my hand kind of

parallel to the head and then taper out

just slightly at the top but with the

curly hair you want it to maintain the

curl at the top here you want this to be

clean and you want to be able to trim

here and you don't want to trim the

sideburns too short but about there you

want to be able to see a line here but

you don't want to lose this wave and

curl up here alright now I'm gonna take

the hair on top and the way I trim this

is again I want it to be about three

inches at the back probably about four

inches at the front so considerably

longer in the front it's gonna look like


four or five inches at the front maybe

two or three inches at the back

if you're new to cutting hair then it

will take a little bit of trial in here

to get it just right that's the nice

thing about cutting kid hairs

they're super young there's a little

more mistakes if you mess up a little

one curly hair it's probably not really

gonna show so that's my nice thing good

tipping my hand upward keeping a little

more length as we get towards the front

right now as Harry's about down to his

mouth so it's pretty well on the front

but he also has pretty curly hair in the

front so if I were to cut it off to here

and it's curl I could look like he has

short little bangs so we don't want to

do that you can always go back and take

more off but you can't glue the hair

back on so it's fine

I always start by taking less off then

kind of let it dry a little bit see how

that's looking and then take off a

little bit more than needed so here's

for the front I take this hair and I

don't cut it up here I pull it back so

I'm sure to get extra length left on

there cuz I know it's gonna dry into a

tighter curl so I pull this back

all right so I can see kind of how it's

shaping up there that's really about it

and then on top I left it about probably

three inches at the back four inches at

the back maybe and about five inches at

the front because the main the most

important part of the haircut is that

you want this to follow even though it's

taper to the edge you want this to

follow right above the brow what when

it's curled not straight so it would be

up here and he would have these short

he'd have these short bangs that would

look really odd with this curly hair you

want if you're gonna keep that boy band

curly look tapered at the sides going

out and then keep the front long so I

take the angle at the top of the head

and the hair looks like this I cut three

inches or 4 inches or something and then

I go up as I pull this hair up along

here I I take the hair and it gets

longer and longer and longer up to the

front of the head so at the front of the

head well no only when I cut this hair

up here as I take it and I pull it back

so that way it's sure to be a lot longer

on the front that is on the back and

then yeah from there if it still looks a

bit long in any place

just slowly trim away like you know

quarter of an inch inch and a half inch

at a time until you get the shape that

you want so now the last thing I'm gonna

do is just like on Henry's we're almost

done you're gonna get in the tub and

then it'll wash away all the little

hairs okay so pull that hair over the



going all Qaeda or word

just I mean arre wet the hair a little

bit so just kind of clean up the

hairline dip your head down

keep it to the natural hairline as much

as possible

so this ear here then just gonna be done

brushing that hair over

and we done yet


this is a long time okay I just want to

kind of scrunch that up and see how it's

drying so