How to Cut and Merge Videos Together?

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Isn’t it great to have your camera or cell phone ready for the best moments so they are

captured on video!

Have some great shots?

Why not create a complete video out of your favorite footage?

In this short tutorial, you’ll learn how to cut off the unwanted frames and merge clips

together making your own video story.

Step 1. Open Movavi Video Suite

Click the Video tab and select the Edit video application.

Movavi Video Suite is an all-in-one toolkit that lets you capture, convert, and edit video

and audio.

If the software is not already installed on your computer, click here and follow the on-screen

download and set-up instructions.

Step 2. Import the video clips you want to use

Click the Import tab and then the Add Media Files icon.

Find the folders containing the desired video files, select them, and click Open.

Step 3. Cut the video clips

Place the red marker to the moment where you

want to cut the clip.

The preview window will help you define the moment for cutting.

The clip is now split into two parts.

Repeat with the other clips if necessary.