How to Trim/Cut/Split Videos on iPhone X, XR, XS, XS Max (Super Easy)

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hey what is going on guys so you have a

iPhone 10 or 1000 or 10s I'm going to

show you really quickly how to trim cut

and split a video on the fly okay

very very simple here so first thing you

got to do is go ahead and find a video

that you just recorded on your iPhone so

simply go into your photos gallery here

and I made a test video here let me tap

on there so here's my test video right

here it's seven seconds let me go ahead

and tap on this seven seconds long okay

now the thing is if you just wanted to

go ahead and trim it really fast

basically cutting maybe some of the

beginning part or and the the end part

then we can simply do is just bring the

video up and then you can tap on edit up

here and now you can trim it okay you

can see this right here if you want the

trim like a little bit of the beginning

out you can just move this here if you

wanted to trim a little bit of the

ending out you just have to basically

play with it you know press on play and

find out exactly where you want it once

you're done with that you can go ahead

and click on done and I'll save the

video okay now this is only the trim it

to cut out the beginning and the end

however if you want to go ahead and cut

out some of the beginning or cut out

some of the ends and maybe cut out like

part of the middle then we got to do

something a little bit different okay so

let's go ahead and try that so let's do

this let me go to cancel this and now

what I want you to do first thing is go

ahead and open up iMovie okay you should

already have it on your on your iPhone

here so look for iMovie which is right

here or you can just simply just just go

up here and then you can just type in

iMovie like that and then you should be

able to find it okay so there's iMovie

right here next thing I want you to do

is tap on the plus sign right there now

what you want to do is you want to click

on movie tap on movie and now we want to

find that video that I just made here

let mean it's this one right here let me

tap that and then once you select it

next thing you want to do is go down

here and tap on create movie okay now

what I movie you can do tons of things

on here okay you can you can spice like

other videos together and a bunch of

other stuff but anyways this videos just

trimming splitting and cutting so here's


second SEC seven second video right here

you can see the seven seconds right here

so let me just tap on this right here so

what I can do is I can do the same thing

again I can go ahead and trim this the

end of it I can also trim the beginning

if I want and I can also start cutting

out pieces in the middle so for example

let me go and play this video here it's

only a seven second video let's play

this first okay so first thing is let's

go ahead and take out the coughing okay

so I have the coughing in a bit in a

very beginning here let me tap on it

okay so it stops right about there so I

remember where this white line is now

I'm gonna go ahead and tap on this and

let me just move this over to write

about there now I'll play again and I

should hear no cough perfect and now I'm

gonna cut off the cut out that coughing

on the end so it looks like I'm right

about here so let me tap on that now let

me move this yellow part which is right

about here now let me play this video

okay now so I took out the coughing out

now let's just say I want to cut out

something else in the middle here like

we just want to cut something out in the

middle so what you want to do is just go

wherever you want to cut it out so let's

just say here okay let me go and tap on

that next thing you want to do is this

down here says split you want to tap on

split and now split and let's say let me

press on play I want to go ahead and

take it out me say an iPhone 10s so I'll

tap on it again and now I'll click on

split now is this middle clip here that

I wanted to delete okay so I can remove

that just highlight it and tap on delete

right there and you and you can cut out

tons of little Clips okay not just only

if you want it just one okay anyways now

I want to see how this looks like cut

out the beginning the end in the middle

let me press on play yes perfect

yes okay so I cut out the the beginning

the end and a little bit of the middle

and now but I'm gonna do from here is

simply just go ahead and click on done

right up here click on done and now the

next thing to do to save it is I got to

click the share or the button down here

the icon here tap on that and now you

want to move down to where it says save

video so tap on save video and then I'm

gonna go ahead and export this as 1080p

the highest resolution right there now

it's exporting and soon as it's done

it's going to be in your photo gallery

or your photo library so now let's go

back into the photos photo gallery here

let me tap on that and let me go back

here and now we can see that original

video I had right here and I knew when I

just saved where I

I trimmed it a little bit and cut out

the middle is all right here and now I

can do a head and yes that's pretty much

it you guys should get the message from

there pretty simple to do any questions

comment below thanks for watching bye