How to Trim/Cut/Split Videos on iPhone X, XR, XS, XS Max (Super Easy)

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hey what is going on guys so you have a

iPhone 10 or 1000 or 10s I'm going to

show you really quickly how to trim cut

and split a video on the fly okay

very very simple here so first thing you

got to do is go ahead and find a video

that you just recorded on your iPhone so

simply go into your photos gallery here

and I made a test video here let me tap

on there so here's my test video right

here it's seven seconds let me go ahead

and tap on this seven seconds long okay

now the thing is if you just wanted to

go ahead and trim it really fast

basically cutting maybe some of the

beginning part or and the the end part

then we can simply do is just bring the

video up and then you can tap on edit up

here and now you can trim it okay you

can see this right here if you want the

trim like a little bit of the beginning