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hi it's carolyn the other week i was

working on a cake and unfortunately the

lady had to cancel because of an

emergency so instead of getting upset

because i already started on it i put it

aside in the refrigerator and i thought

that i would film a video on how I cut

cakes because so many people ask me when

they pick up a tiered cake how to cut it

and I thought I would take advantage of

this opportunity and show you how I do

that so if you want to see why I say

like that so if you want to see how I

cut my tiered cakes just keep on

watching so just to start this is not a

decorated cake or finished by any means

I decided to add the third tier because

I wanted to show how to cut the bottom

tier if you don't want to cut the middle

tier so don't pay attention to the color

or the look of this cake this video is

strictly just to show you how to cut it

this is 4 inch this is 6 inch that's an

8 inch tier okay to start off you want

to have a sharp knife and what I tell

people I I don't like the cupcakes into

little triangles it's easier to cut

cakes in the way that I'm going to show

you I don't know why this is so hard for

me to say I need to just keep talking as

I'm working so there is a dowel a wooden

dowel going all the way through the cake

into the cake board in each tier there

are straws supporting the weight of the

top tier I can link my stacking video

below so you can see how I construct my

cakes when I build them so ideally you

would want to cut this in half and then

in half the other way but I can't do

that because the dowel is here so one

side is gonna have to be bigger than the

other so I would start by cutting on the

side of the dowel which you're not

really gonna be able to tell until you

put the knife in the cake because that

hole won't be there because it'll be

filled with buttercream however if you

if you put the knife in the center of

the cake and you start to feel the dowel

just move it over until you you get a

clean cut so this 4 inch cake tier is

small so it'll feed about four to six

people so I would cut this way and then

right here trying to do this for the

camera I'm gonna cut a piece this way

now it all depends on if you're serving

kids or adults or whatnot so after I cut

down here I cut into the cardboard here

and then I can stick the knife

underneath and lift up Wow well that

kind of sucked but lift up the piece try

to make sure that that doesn't happen so

here's a slice of cake

now this has been in my refrigerator -

in my refrigerator for two weeks so the

cake is no longer good I don't want you

to make nasty comments saying that I'm

wasting cake this cake is no good so

it's really dry because it's been

sitting here waiting for me to make this

video so here's your piece here and then

what you can do is depending on if

you're serving kids or adults you can

still cut this in half or you can cut it

this way and get servings like this see

this is where you won't have triangles

servings this way okay so there's your

four inch tier now once you cut the top

tier the top tier usually goes fast

because it's the smallest we need to

remove this cardboard so I just stick

the knife under and start to lift it up

remove the cardboard now you have this

dowel sticking out here which you can

twist to remove the dowel see I'm

twisting and I'm pulling it up now

sometimes the reason why I did three

tiers sometimes people want to cut the

bottom tier because that's the biggest

here that's usually the flavor that they

want the most of so in that case you

would remove the dowel like I just did

and then take a spatula because the

icing will be soft so this is gonna be a

little harder to maneuver but you want

to get a spatula underneath

the cardboard and then take this off and

then you can cut this cake underneath

okay so if you happen to want to cut the

bottom tier before you cut the Middle's

here that's how I would recommend that

you do it so now you can see in here

that there are straws here the straws

went under that piece of cardboard to

support the way that the top tier now

we're not cutting in triangles what

we're gonna do is cut a circle in the

cake and then cut the cake around that

so just going up and down and I'm

cutting a circle on the inside of the

cake it's not gonna be perfect

this cake is the icing is still hard

because I had it refrigerated so it's a

little more difficult for me to cut if

the icing comes to room temperature the

cake will be easier to cut that's why I

usually tell people to let it sit out

for an hour or two before you cut it so

it's a lot easier so now that I cut that

circle and now we can start cutting our

pieces here so I'm gonna cut straight

down and then straight down again this

is actually a little small all right if

you're doing kids I would make it this

small cuz kids don't need a lot of cake

okay now there's also another option and

I hope this doesn't get lost in

translation because I'm kind of making a

mess here so that was to do for if you

have a lot of kids that you're serving

too I would cut the circle in the 6-inch

tier because it's a small tear and

you're gonna get a lot of tiny pieces if

you're serving adults and you're cutting

a 6-inch tear we'll do it from this side

I would cut the cake in half the whole

way through

and now we're gonna cut pieces coming

this way

so for adults and you're serving right

this is I don't want to make this

confusing for anything that is six

inches in under I typically cut it in

half and then in half the other way to

serve adults if you're serving kids you

may just want to use the circle and then

the smaller pieces so it's up to you so

I just cut this in half and now we're

going to cut the pieces this way now

this end piece usually has a lot of

icing there's usually someone who

prefers icing so they can get that piece

and then just keep cutting the cake

this way and then just keep cutting now

this is more of an adult slice so you

can see the difference if I'm cutting

for kids maybe they want something tiny

or even if kids want something bigger

these are just different ways that I

recommend that you can cut different

tiers so it's a lot easier to do it this

way then to cut triangles and try to

fish them out every time so here's a

straw here so we can remove the straw

and then continue to cut the pieces of

cake I really hope that this is making

sense okay

so there's your options for each of your

six six-inch tiers and less you can do

the half and the cutting long ways or

you can do the smaller circle on the

inside and the pieces around to get

smaller pieces it's up to you now for

seven inch cakes and larger I'm always

going to use that inner circle method

because if you do the half way and then

this way the pieces are gonna be way too

big so we're going to cut on the inside

of this just on the inside of the straws

and make sure the knife goes all the way

down and we're cutting a little circle

on the inside of the cake

and now that that in our inner circle is

done we can start to cut our pieces our

individual pieces here okay

what I like about this method too is you

can because there's always someone who

says I just want to sliver so you know

you make it small let's remove the straw

here you can make it thicker but this is

the easiest method that I've found to

cut case this 8 inch I usually say

typically feeds 20 people but you can

actually get you know up to 30 or so

servings out of it depending on who

you're feeding you know something like

kids might want something like that like

I said before this is oddly satisfying

so we go the whole way around and cut

the cake and now we have this middle

piece left so what I do is kind of like

what I do with the smaller tiers cut it

in half and then depending on how many

servings you want to get out of it this

is probably good for 4 so just cut it in

half the whole way again and the center

part would be for someone who really

likes the cake and not as much icing

obviously and there you go I hope that

helped so there you go there's a couple

different ways that you can cut your

cakes depending on the size of a cake

and depending on who you're feeding it's

much easier than doing triangles and I

feel like you get more servings out of

the cake when you do it this way so I

think that is it if you have any

questions leave them below and I will

answer them as soon as I can and just

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that is it for now so I will see you on

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