I cut my own face framing bangs

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what's up people my name is hang today i

will be cutting

my hair there's nothing wrong with it

it's just long and lifeless

i kind of look like the grudge like this

if you look at it too long

i was getting tired of paying like 40

just to get

like the front cut like this it just

grows out so fast so

i bought a pair of scissors to try and

cut it on my own

and i have no experience with this but

i did my research and i did watch

youtube videos so hopefully it will turn

out okay

okay let's go for it okay here is the

game plan

on youtube i've seen them cut three

lengths snip snip snip

and then cut it diagonal so that's like

the basic

right i'm gonna try my best to do that

if you're wondering why i'm sitting on

the floor

i don't know it's just what i do i'm

super comfortable on the floor

step one heart the bang as much as you

want to

look like the crutch this is what we're

going to cut


it's got longer don't mind me if i'm not

talking i'm trying to use my ultra

focus see my triangle it's not even even

i need to fix that real quick


that is not a triangle okay i wonder if

i should

do the middle part then


i went and changed my shirt because i

got really

sweaty and really nervous even though i

haven't done anything yet

this shouldn't even be that bad right

i will be okay no matter what that is

the spirit

hang you got it bang

chosen okay this is what i want to cut

we're gonna put some hair back try to

make this

uniform and even as possible

so we're just gonna take a little piece


triangle in the middle

only a little bit this looks like a lot

of it


maybe a little bit less than this

cut it a little bit long maybe to here

i should be looking at it not from the

mirror okay


and then next step is to cut it just a

little bit

i am so glad i cut it longer than i

thought because

it's definitely looking kind of funny


it looks so choppy and uneven let's

brush it

i'm going to try to cut it diagonally

like that



oh look at me not bad not bad

it's kind of looking all right right

this way up

i'm gonna lay it here like this


and then

so this side looks decent-ish

this side looks kind of funny they don't


match so this piece is shorter


let's try to make it even

i don't know if you can see the

difference but it's very subtle

i feel like face framing layers really

make a difference to your face

even if it's just a little bit i like

tying my hair most of the time

so let me see got that two piece

boom now you can see my face



so not bad i was being super over

dramatic for no reason

i think now that i learned this i will

probably cut these two pieces

at home more because it's not bad and

it's super easy i feel like i

freaked out way too much yeah

anyway if you don't cut your bangs like


you can cut your bangs like this and it

will look good

anyway thank you for hanging with me

i will see you next time