4 Ways to Cut PVC Pipe at Home

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irrigation systems gardening trellises

furniture support structures for shelter

there's a million one uses for the

humble PVC pipe this is going to be a

really short video to show a few

different ways to cut PVC pipe with one

of them being the clear preferred method

for both accuracy and getting a clean

cut the first way is with an ordinary

handsaw a crosscut saw with relatively

fine teeth works the best a hacksaw

could be used and I think lots of people

would go to this because that's what you

commonly used to cut metal pipe but in

my experience the teeth of a hacksaw are

just too fine and actually get clogged

up with the plastic shavings as you get

to sign an ordinary crosscut saw or

manual miter saw makes quite a nice

clean cut the second way is a power

miter saw using a finer tooth finish

blade is recommended to avoid

splintering just go somewhat snow as you

bring the saw down and it will make a

perfectly straight and relatively clean

cut the third way is to use a dremel or

similar rotary tool this is probably the

method I recommend the least but if you

don't have any of the other tools this

will do it it's difficult to get a

perfectly straight cut all the way

around and you may create a lot of

plastic dust and possibly even fumes if

the blade is moving too fast and starts

to about the PVC after the cut be sure

to clean off all the burrs with some



the Fourth Way is undoubtedly the best

but involves buying a tool designed

specifically to cut PVC pipes the

ranch's PVC cutter quickly makes a very

straight and perfectly smooth cut with

little effort it's the tool that

professional plumbers and use for

cutting PVC because it's portable

requires no electricity and it makes a

cleaner cut than any saw so that's it I

know that this probably seems super

obvious and borderline silly to anybody

who has a lot of knowledge on plumbing

or just general DIY sorts of things but

I know there's a lot of people that want

to get into building things with PVC

pipe and might not just happen to have

this knowledge so doesn't hurt to make a

quick video obviously there's a few

different ways you can do it there's

probably a tool around the house that

you have right now that you can use to

cut PVC that being said if you have to

cut a lot of it or if you need anything

really precise or clean I can't

recommend strongly enough getting one of

these ratchet PVC cutters they just make

things so much easier and as you saw you

can get very precise and the edge is

super clean so that's it for now thanks

for watching until next time this is

Great Lakes prepping