How to Split or Cut PDF Pages | How to Split a PDF document in Adobe and Foxit

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hello friends today I am going to show

you how you can a split a two sided

media into two pieces I mean or you can

say one piece into two from half okay so

I'm just showing you two in an example

you can just see here if I have a

scanned PDF having two days of the

notebook on one and I want to split it

from the middle like this okay and I

want to split this PDF from the middle

so that it will be a two-page a4 size

seat okay

so what you have to do here I'm using

hog shipped Phantom PDF business okay

you can see here 4G hantum PDF you can

also download it and they are having

licensed version of it as well

and you can also just try try this

software so what you have to do in this

one just open your PDF and use your

keyboard to then use control-v keyboard

key and here you can see here from the

top bring that that is print command you

have to use and in print command you can

see here select public hantum PDF

printer okay and here in this one select

this one tile large pages okay so in

this one

tile large spaces okay and here by

default in your PDF it will be selected

100% okay

and for this you can see here there is a

mark from the middle I think I hope you

can see that that now I want to join it

do it to the full section of this one so

I'll have to just I want to you can just

manually increase this so that you can

see in the preview window it can fit

mostly in this area okay so I'm typing

125 percent so again I just want to

little increase more than 30% and 132

percent well so this I think is good and

overlap make it zero okay now you can

just go to another page and see the cut

marks or you cannot see the cut marks

but there is your cut marks from the

middle okay now what I have to do just

click OK and when you will get an output

now you

they are asking where where to save this

PDF so go to desktop and I am naming it

microwave a split okay and save this one

now this is printing and now you'll have

this fun PDF pages into two different

separate PDF space or it will

automatically cut these space from the


this is about to complete I can tell you

that now

here you can see this is 100 pace and in

output you will see this will be a two

hundred paces and this function is also

available in Adobe Acrobat Pro 11 and

Adobe Acrobat DC 2015 or 2016 version

but these are the paid software you can

now do or you can just try this one now

as you can see these my splitted PDF is

opened now here so you can see the paces

has been cut from the half okay and now

here here you can see there is 200 pages

this is the original one well this is

showing hundred pages and side by side

this is this PDF is side by side and

here this is 200 pages and in this the

page had has been a splitted from the

half so thank you for watching this

video please like subscribe my video

thank you very much