Baby Haircut | How to cut baby hair

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hi everyone welcome back to our Channel hello so  today we're actually giving our son Remy a haircut  

he's had two haircuts before but they were kind  of makeshift we used like our own adult scissors  

that it ought not so they weren't the best of  haircuts but today we actually purchased some  

baby buzzer clippers so today we're using that and  some clipper we got it off of Amazon well I  

thought these are that they came with these little  clippers so you can choose this size so yeah if  

you're interested in learning how to give your  baby a haircut keep watching make sure you hit the  

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so to get started you're gonna need a pair of baby  clippers with different size clipper heads a comb  

a brush if you have and a lint roller to help  with cleanup also we forgot to picture them here  

but you're gonna want to use some kids toys or an  electric toothbrush in our case to distract your  

baby while you're cutting his hair so the first  thing you want to do is make sure you have a place  

where your baby can sit and you can have full  control of what you're doing in our case we use  

this high chair also keep in mind that this can  get a little bit messy so if you can put like a  

garbage bag underneath the chair so that it helps  you with your cleanup or if you have nice weather  

where you are you could even do this outside and  it would be a lot easier and just keep in mind  

when you're using Buzzers make sure that the hair  is dry otherwise the Clippers won't cut properly  

if it's possible to have someone else help you while  doing this it'll make the whole thing a lot easier  

one person can cut the baby's hair while the other  person makes sure that the baby is distracted in  

our case the buzzers that we have are pretty quiet  but we found that using an electric toothbrush  

actually minimized the sound from the buzzer and  Remy our son was not as distracted by the noise of  

the buzzers and it was a lot easier for Luis to  cut his hair this way you could also use any other  

loud and distracting toys they have yeah anything  with the lights or something with a lot of sound  

I think would help so as for the technique I like  to make sure that I have control at all times so  

as you'll see in the video a lot of times I'll  put my head my hand on top of remy's head and  

this is just to make sure that he's not moving too  much this will be safer for both you and your baby  

and it will just make the whole process easier  depending on your preferences as well we ended  

up switching the clipper sizes when we got near  the bottom of remy's head but totally depending  

on what style you're going for you can choose  whatever length you want we also decided not to  

touch the top of remy's head so that's all just  style preference so the last thing you want to do  

is just take a step back and look for any patches  that you may have missed and then just go over  

them until you get them to look how you want  them to look and then you should be good to go