How to cut your baby's hair (Highly Requested)

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hey guys it's Lily today I'm going to

show you how I cut my baby's hair from

home I've tried many methods and this is

the best one that works it's the easiest

cleanup it saves us tons of money so

hopefully you guys can follow along

here's what you'll need you're going to

treat it like a bath time so make sure

and bring a towel some sharp cutting

scissors you're going to need to invest

in those and come back toys and whatever

else you use for bath time

start off by lightly wetting the tips of

the hair this is going to make it easier

for the test

then you're going to take your comb and

separate the top half from the bottom

half we're going to work the bottom

first oh and I forgot to mention you're

going to need a secret weapon

aka candy I'm using some old Easter