How to cut 1/4 inch plywood without a saw! : Quick Tip Monday #2

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hey there I'm working on this project

here in the house and I'm using

quarter-inch plywood and so I've got to

cut different things different lengths

to make it match to my wall but I don't

want to go to my saw every time so I

found a really simple easy trick this is

a quick tip on how to do it all you need

is a metal straightedge utility knife

with a really sharp blade and a pencil

let me show you what I'm doing alright I

already measured where I want my cut to

be for the sake of the camera I'm gonna

make a line with my pencil so that you

can see it better although I don't do

this typically there's my life so take a

straight edge against the piece of wood

take your razor blade and slightly angle

it in towards your straight edge and

pull lightly just a score line then do

one more time a little heavier take it