Upholstery Basics: How To Cut Foam...With a Bread Knife!

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ok today we're going to cut foam

you know foam is kind of like a bread

the bread that you should not

but it's kind of like bread it's bubbly

when they make foam they put it into a

great big bread pan if you will and they

cook it and it bubbles up and the great

big piece that comes out before they

slice it into pieces they actually call

a bun so you see there's a bread analogy

so if you think about cutting bread what

was you use to cut bread a bread knife

this is like a bagel knife a cake knife

any kind of serrated edge type of a

knife actually the longer the blade the

more easier it is to work with but some

type of bread knife a lot of times you

can get these in oh you know Target or

whatever for five bucks or something so

here we are we have a piece of foam

right here for example you can see this