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hello everyone today we have to cut the mattress for our bed... there it is

Birdsnake was going to brace this so that stuff doesn't slide out

From under here when we put our big-ol storage bins in here. Hey everybody we are

cutting 8 inches off of a mattress so that it can fit in our camper van the

first thing we did was we unzipped the bottom of the mattress you see this this

mattress has one of these nice zip off tops side note those the pop tops are

not made like that so that you can wash your mattress that's a huge

misconception they're made like that so that they can be manufactured easily

without specific taping in the sewing when they do the fancy edges around the

mattresses it's called taping and it's the hardest job in a mattress Factory so

these beautiful zip off the tops make it possible for machines to do most of the

work the next thing is the fire sock this is the fire barrier we just cut

this thing and that exposes the foam we have memory foam here and then we have

just a high density foam here for support there's there's also a quilting

with gel sewn into it but that memory foam over the support foam that's the

standards basically in every memory foam mattress so what I want to do now is

measure and Mark it and then we're going to cut it I borrowed my mom's electric

knife so we're going to use the electric knife method we watched a lot of videos

people seem to like the electric knife so that's what we're doing this mattress

is that an M Lilly's calm and Lilly the really great whole

mattress manufacturer and they are sort of here which means that they use all