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hello everyone today we have to cut the mattress for our bed... there it is

Birdsnake was going to brace this so that stuff doesn't slide out

From under here when we put our big-ol storage bins in here. Hey everybody we are

cutting 8 inches off of a mattress so that it can fit in our camper van the

first thing we did was we unzipped the bottom of the mattress you see this this

mattress has one of these nice zip off tops side note those the pop tops are

not made like that so that you can wash your mattress that's a huge

misconception they're made like that so that they can be manufactured easily

without specific taping in the sewing when they do the fancy edges around the

mattresses it's called taping and it's the hardest job in a mattress Factory so

these beautiful zip off the tops make it possible for machines to do most of the

work the next thing is the fire sock this is the fire barrier we just cut

this thing and that exposes the foam we have memory foam here and then we have

just a high density foam here for support there's there's also a quilting

with gel sewn into it but that memory foam over the support foam that's the

standards basically in every memory foam mattress so what I want to do now is

measure and Mark it and then we're going to cut it I borrowed my mom's electric

knife so we're going to use the electric knife method we watched a lot of videos

people seem to like the electric knife so that's what we're doing this mattress

is that an M Lilly's calm and Lilly the really great whole

mattress manufacturer and they are sort of here which means that they use all

natural materials sometimes when I'm cooking I'll open up the oven and then

my mascara will melt onto the top of my eyelids here and maybe a little dot will

all the way across

a project to recover these chairs is something that is a must to do this

which you guys like to see them do it yourself projects like that like

recovering chairs and things I've said it before with my mom it's not it's not

really very difficult the hardest part is finding a fabric that you like that's

not that hard plenty of good fabric stores in our area

now this is like some serious power tools here guys

oh my goodness so the electric nice working great because the mattress is

not like real thing we're going to make two cuts just so I'm not compressing it

it's hot in there what did they say it's better than that blade so discard that

was the first cut now I'm going to the second cut some people recommend you

compress the foam before you cut but my experience with cutting memory foam with

scissors just playing around at work is that if you compress it then when it

reads it's not in the shape you wanted it to be


and I stopped it's really good straight we can make a Minecraft

Kazuko with it where that bitch at the phone there's technology I'll February

though a lot of cut in half and Helen I am the dog bed to mantilla now we're

going to cap it the fire sock over it again and zip it back up and just fold

the end down we were going to like custom sew it but I don't think we're

going to do that we're just going to pull the end down and it's going to go

great in a van this goes on here it's not a YKK zipper

at the HK zipper

it's not a YKK zippers hit the HK the Briscoe will hit you like a lizard when

this lizard what where does that mean guys what does

that mean I don't know what it means I'm sure you guys don't know what it means

fuck I came home so simple did you like a little bit of leather

oh that's the best one for a husband again and you look hot hot sighs it's

hot in here but it's also good on this mattress assault

I think it ends up right going to be really comfortable cabin now I've got my

modern-day gypsy wagon ready to go my custom bed made by the best man in the

world sighs guys and fill-in sense so cool jazzy freaking out because she

wants to go on a walk and I took her down the street in back

because we're not going on one we're going to go on tart so we're just going

to take the dogs out for a little drive find some more lemons the restroom then

drive back we don't normally take the dogs on drives very often I want them to

get used to it before we have a long road trip so we're going to ramp up to

the full road trip I'm ready I'm ready I'm ready ready ready ready ready ready

ready ready Amanda is spongebob it is do the car so we're here to the bend and we

got a mattress protector on the mattress now if the local and Jasmine get up

there she seems to really like it now we're

going to go to Walmart for a dog brush because again my daddy's dog brush I'm

just what I'm sweaty just for taking the dog for a walk

even at night right now it's in the high 90s crazed animal a dress

as I discovered the window so I'm not here I'm in the parking lot with the

dogs commandeth in walmart went to get a dog brush for jazzy cuz she's sharing

and we somehow lost your dog brush I know the last time I rearranged I saw it

but we can't find it anywhere so it was interesting to see the dogs watch a man

to walk away from the van there there was a thing i'ma try show noodles to fed

and the back window

that's about what I imagine jazz doing

is that the biggest wedgie is fun I could make and it's pretty big and

messy just back there just land down with like a real happy fan dog it's a

really cute they would say hello this vlog from Walmart