How to cut and tread galvanized pipe DIY.

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well this is Bob do over the video I

just switched the camera so it's not bad

love looking myself so anyhow now I'm

looking through the camera and see

actually what I'm doing so this is my

mouth and flange right here actually and

my post is 45 almost 45 what I'm gonna

do as that cut problem my pipe 44 and


I'll give about 3/16 on each side for

the thread because usually these pipe

pipes and they go inside the thread for

the fitting in the flange

they never bottomed out they kind of

stop you know the golden maybe I don't

know 3/8 1/2 inch into the into the

fitting over all the fittings

yeah least about 5/8 or so I would sell

half an inch so if you start fitting the

pipe it's not gonna come through on this

side but it's all go maybe 3 7 18 inches