How to cut and tread galvanized pipe DIY.

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well this is Bob do over the video I

just switched the camera so it's not bad

love looking myself so anyhow now I'm

looking through the camera and see

actually what I'm doing so this is my

mouth and flange right here actually and

my post is 45 almost 45 what I'm gonna

do as that cut problem my pipe 44 and


I'll give about 3/16 on each side for

the thread because usually these pipe

pipes and they go inside the thread for

the fitting in the flange

they never bottomed out they kind of

stop you know the golden maybe I don't

know 3/8 1/2 inch into the into the

fitting over all the fittings

yeah least about 5/8 or so I would sell

half an inch so if you start fitting the

pipe it's not gonna come through on this

side but it's all go maybe 3 7 18 inches

and just the way the pipe rates are made

they actually a little bit tapered so

it's all gonna stop so my measurement

was what 45 underneath so give about 3/8

of an inch on each side a slack

no here's my girl nice pipe threads on

one end and the pipe was no but they

were the size 56 inches on the other

side 4 and 3/4 yeah

44 and 3/4 that's what that cut it off

the total dimension was 45 and 1/8 so

I'm gonna go 3/8 R each side for that

compensation that doesn't cut it all the

way in

well here's my station for cutting their

pipes this right here is an old kind of

a tool from a set of holding the pipes

and cutting them and just my own piece

of 2x4 I clamped my 2x4 the tailgate I

put the piece of blocks right and

damaged my truck just happened to have I

have this piece I've said but if you

don't have it you can just use it a


doesn't love them my sit this way here

is a massive pipe got it four huge pipes

almost huge but here I got my pipe clamp

pipe cutter onto my mark right there

I just Knight it down and then once you

got this you just stop spinning around

it and it just goes at all and just keep

and touch the pipe and then go out

evolution or so you guys are pretty nice

gouging it and then I do a little twist

say maybe about the quarter of a turn

and then I go again

oh here's my helper hi binky here yeah

so I got another evolution give another

court overturned maybe eight to ten or

so how are you if you like it and just

go and that's the other one

give a little more twist to it one more

twist well I can feel its temper coming

through some was there

as it cuts through it gets easier Museum

you can feel as if this nice clean cut

oh here's my tool for cutting the

threads it's a manual tool you know for

me as a contractor which uses

occasionally which works fine and I got

different enzyme this is three quarters

of an inch and then I got a half inch in

for one inch pipe and those are the

pilot bushings so this is the for

three-quarters of an inch and I just put

it over the pipe and give a little get

going it's vice itself give so I'm still

using the same clamp to hold in the pipe

once they cut it so now they got the

gripping this gets going you can feel it

it's already got going and then you

definitely want to spray some lubricant

on it I just happen to have a liquid

range leaving white grease but to chair

a double before the engine oil any oily

lubricant will do it so what I do is

just you know just raise a minute

so it's just lubrication cranking

so as you keep on cranking on this right

here usual what's happening is when you

go about maybe I would say quarter inch

or 3/8 of an inch it gets so tight those

shavings jam into the color so in this

particular right here I can just reverse

with these little pins direction and

then I go backwards maybe of all times

one turn or so and you can feel how the

shavings clear and stop jamming the pipe

so I do that here's my helper maker I do

that and then again change the

directions and then keep on going and

keep on going and then spray some more

of the lubricant in there so every

quarter inch or so I do it and the way

they determine when I stop when I see

the end of the pipe flush with the

cutter then I got about roughly 3/4 of

an inch of the thread so that's that's

good enough so after that I'll just take

it off and

and it goes like the shavings yeah I got

nice threads well about the half an inch

or so but that should be enough I'm not

using this for any plumbing they're


it's just get the threads into the

flange yes I'm putting some teflon tape

on it now that I need it really but just

I guess for good measure I'm just used

to nice tight fit keep still keep the

pipe in the same and then I'll thread

the same down of the flange onto the

pipe and once I thread this end on it

I'll go and thread the whole pipe with

this flange attached to it

oh by hand first as much as they can

that should be good maybe use a rag wipe

off the galvanization I got pretty good

good if so yeah that's good nice so now

we'll go and it's a just pipe through

the wall