How to trim faux wood blind width.

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hey fellow DIY is out there today we're

gonna go over how to adjust the width of

your blinds specifically in our case

check this out we were able to find

these faux wood blinds for ten dollars

ten dollars

normally one hundred and twenty eight

but in this case it was a clearance item

so we have them for ten bucks but

they're to the wrong width right height

wrong whip so I'm gonna go over how to

adjust the width of your blinds so that

you can take advantage of a deal like

this because we just save like what's

that one hundred and eighteen dollars

not too bad it's worth a few minutes of

extra little work on your part you don't

need many tools for this either so let's

get started done here is used painters

tape just to bind everything together so

it doesn't slip on me and I've gone

ahead and measured use this I measured

from one end to the other with allowing

an extra half-inch

so say your measurements 60 inches bring

it down to 59 and a half to allow for

the valence that's going to go across

the top and make things look pretty

alright so we've made that measurement

you want to make equal adjustments on

the ends I went ahead and tested this

one before I turn the video on to make

sure I this was going to work out so it

did it's beautiful so I took about an

inch off that end and then we're going

to take an inch off this end over here

so I put my my tape here just to

stabilize everything as close to the cut

as I'm gonna make it you can see my red

dot sight there next to my marking and

for safety reasons I'm also clamping

lightly I didn't I didn't tighten these

up super tight but this is gonna keep

things from moving on me like I said

first time trying to do this and I

couldn't find anything on YouTube before

it so this is my setup you want to look

at in the ends of these and be sure

you're not cutting through any sort of

metal rods or that sort of thing

blinds have a certain amount that you

can cut down and then you're going to

start getting into the to the cords that

hold all the the blind pieces together

so you don't want to

that I'm sure that would be a mess but

at any rate that's my setup pretty

simple we've got everything measured

like I said $10 set of blinds here so

I'm super happy and now we're gonna go

ahead and make our cut

this is what you get and believe it or

not it's a super smooth edge right from

the start so that miter saw blade cut

through the faux wood pieces super

smooth in the middle right here and like

I said I wrote on my finger across it

and there's no burrs or anything and

this is your basic miter saw blade that

I'm running so nothing fancy here so

there you have it it's that simple it

really is that simple I couldn't find

anything on youtube about it so I'm

gonna make one try to help some people

out there if you stumble across a good

deal like I had here on these blinds

this is safe effective way to do it I

probably went overkill on the safety

clamp and everything down but I do value

my fingers do a lot of DIY projects and

I hope to do many more with the years to

come so super-safe you run across the

ten dollar set of blinds at Lowe's or

Home Depot snatch them you're gonna be

able to make those simple cuts and it's

super clean you don't even have to sand

it at the end of it so we're gonna go

set these up and you guys have a good